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The Main Causes Of Hairfall And Its Homemade Remedies

4 Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Long hair is a reflection of femininity, a woman’s identity and beauty. When I was younger, my hair was my priced possession and I used to fuss over it a lot. However when you grow older and have a household to take care, it can get extremely stressful to provide the same amount of care for your hair. Lately I’ve noticed that my hair has been getting thinner, has become quite dull and has lost the bounce it once had. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and see what I can do to make my hair healthier once again.


As we age our body changes and so does our hair. Most of us face the problem of hair loss, hair thinning, dullness of hair, loss of shine and bounce of hair etc. It is normal for women to lose 100 strands of hair per day. However, when we lose a large quantity of hair then we need to find out the root cause of it.

This can be due to various reasons:

  •         Genetic problem
  •         Anemia
  •         Inadequate protein intake or deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid.
  •         Emotional Stress
  •         Physical stress
  •         Hormonal changes in the body (e.g. Childbirth)
  •         Prolonged illness (e.g. Chemotherapy for Cancer)
  •         Deficiency of vitamin B6 and folic acid
  •         Thyroid diseases
  •         Aging
  •         Excessive use of Hair products for styling your hair.

Genetic hair loss is the only hair loss in which the follicle gradually gets smaller and finer and hence produces smaller and finer hair until it stops totally. It can start at any age and slowly progresses. This kind of hair loss has an emotional effect on women. In such extreme cases it is advisable to see a trichologist.

Over the years, I’ve tried various shampoos, serums, soaps, oils to strengthen my hair. Some worked well while others were just marketing gimmicks. Below, are some of the homemade remedies that have worked for me.

  1. Coconut oil Massage 


Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil in a circular motion. Leave it for 30 minutes or overnight and then wash the hair with shampoo. Do it at least thrice a week to see better results. Do not leave your hair oily and go outdoors as it will absorb dust and dirt and will become greasy. Coconut Oil contains a high level of antioxidant and it fights infections on the scalp as well. No wonder our grandmothers had long healthy hair, right into their sixties. In the same way you can also use coconut milk to achieve better results on your hair.

  1. Neem leaves


Boil around 10-12 neem leaves with adequate quantity of water. Cool the mixture and then apply it on your hair. Ideally it should be done once a week. Neem has a high antibacterial property which helps in getting rid of dandruff, head lice and also improves the blood flow to the skin. Note: While washing your hair ensure that it does not touch your eyes as it can cause some discomfort.

  1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is known to promote hair growth. This plant can be purchased from your local nursery. You will need to extract the pulp and apply it evenly on the hair. Keep it for 15-20 mins and then rinse with cold water.

  1. Egg white Hair Mask


Eggs are rich in protein and Vitamin B which is good for hair growth. Remove the egg whites of 2 eggs and mix it well. Apply it on the hair and scalp and keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You can also further wash with a natural shampoo and conditioner. For best results repeat this twice a week.

Some other Tips:

  1. Do not comb your wet hair with a brush as wet hair is more prone to break.
  2. Maintain a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  3. Keep yourself well hydrated.
  4. Trim your hair regularly
  5. Avoid washing your hair with water which is either too hot or too cold. Use lukewarm or normal water.

We feel that these homemade tips will  go along way in helping you take better care of your hair.

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