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Top 10 summer foods that will cool your body

We are already feeling the summer heat. Temperatures have been soaring and it’s time we take care of our body and skin. It’s time that we include water rich foods in our diet. In order to combat dehydration and skin problems, include seasonal fruits in your diet.

Nature always provides the best solution in the form of seasonal foods that are easily available in the market.  Many summer fruits and vegetables like watermelon, oranges, cucumber, strawberries etc., are found in the local market.

Let us look at Top 10 summer foods that will cool your body.


Even thinking of the watermelon gives you a cooling effect. This fruit has one of the highest water content. It not only helps you to be full and hydrated but also keeps you cool. Research has also indicated that it has high lycopene, which helps in protecting the skin cells from sun damage. It is also high in antioxidant properties.

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This is another fruit which has more than 90% water. It has a lot of fibre and helps to keep you hydrated.   Further it helps in good bowel movement and thus keeps constipation away. It helps in keeping your body cool, as it keeps the heat away.  Moreover it keeps you full as a result of which you consume less and this in turn helps in keeping your weight under control.

Coconut Water.

Coconut water is a refreshing low calorie and high vitamin drink. It is full of electrolytes, minerals, natural sugar etc. It helps in weight loss, reducing blood pressure, flushing out toxins, anti-aging properties and in digestion. In summer it helps to keep your body cool and hydrated.


Yoghurt is a very delicious cooling food. It is high in protein, calcium, minerals and other vitamins. It helps in digestion, smooth bowel movement, prevents osteoporosis, strengthens the immune system and is also good for the heart.

Many Indians prefer eating curd rice which is very healthy. Some of the different varieties of curds are probiotic curds, low fat curds, salads mixed with curds (raita), sweet curd (lassi), spicy buttermilk with ginger, chilly and coriander etc.It would be good to include yoghurt in your day to day diet, especially in summer.

Simple Lime Water with fresh Mint.

Simple lime water with black salt and some chopped mint can be a refreshing cooling drink. Lemon adds a refreshing touch to almost any drink. It has many medicinal values. It has high antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Mint is an all-time available cheap herb which is loaded with many benefits. It is highly effective in treating nausea, oral problems, headaches, digestion etc.

Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables must form a part of your daily diet. It is good to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables in summer because of their high water content. They are high in fibre, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and many other vitamins and minerals. They are high in phytochemicals like lutein, beta-carotene which are good for health.


Onions are high in antiseptic, antibiotic and carminative properties, which help us to stay away from infections. They are rich in sulphur, fibre, potassium, calcium, quercetin and vitamin B. Onions are used in many Indian dishes and curries. All type of onions like red onions, white onions, spring onions etc., are healthy and can be extensively used in your diet.

Musk Melon.

This fruit is also very high in water content. It is rich in potassium and helps in regulating the blood pressure, preventing hypertension and is also good for the eyes. Increase the intake of this fruit especially in summer.

Celery and Fennel.

Celery is very high in potassium, folate, vitamins and minerals. It helps in removing the excess water in the body without causing dehydration. It also helps to lower the inflammation and prevent ulcers.Celery and fennel helps the kidneys to flush out excess fluid and avoid bloating.

Figs and Pears.

Both this fruits are high in fibre and have good water content.  Figs are high in many minerals and vitamins. They have a high level of antioxidants and thus help in preventing kidney stones, acne, diabetes, bone problem and constipation.

Similarly, pear is a low calorie fruit with multiple vitamins, minerals and high in dietary fibre.

Some of the foods to be clearly avoided are listed below –

  1. Spicy Food.
  2. Rich and oily foods.
  3. Excess of non-vegetarian foods like red meat, crabs, eggs, prawns etc.
  4. Junk food like burgers, fried rice, food loaded with cheese and butter etc.
  5. Too many mangoes can also cause heat in the body.
  6. Ice creams and cold drinks are body warming foods, which generate heat in the body.
  7. Reduce the intake of dried fruits like nuts, cashews, almonds, raisins etc.
  8. Tea and coffee should be reduced as they heat up the body.

These are some of the foods that should be included and avoided in summer, in order to combat the excessive heat.

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