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Impulsive Shopping

Stop buying things that you don’t need

Nowadays many people have got addicted to impulsive buying and to add to their worry, there are constant on-line shopping festivals and sales going on.

People are buying things which they don’t need or will never use. The moment you see a discounted price, you feel that you are getting a great deal and you are tempted to buy that thing. Many of us fall to this temptation of impulsive buying, which has led to our budgets going astray.

Today let’s look at  the way to stop buying things that you don’t need.

Make your budget.

Take time to sit down and make your budget. Make a list of all your needs and expenses. Prioritise your needs on the basis of its importance and necessity. Ensure that you adhere to this list and do not buy anything that is not mentioned on the list.

Whenever there is an urge to buy anything extra, you need to avoid buying it for a period of 30 days. Many a time after the 30 day period is over, the urge to buy these pending items will wear off. The only exception to this rule should be incase of an emergency.

Clear your house once in a while.

When you clear your house once in a while, you will find many unused things in working condition. This will also give you a clear understanding of the things in your house. Start using your clothes, shoes and accessories before they get old. So next time you go shopping, remind yourself of all the unnecessary and unused things that are still lying in your house.

Avoid going to malls and shopping centres.

The first and foremost thing that should be avoided is going to malls, shopping centres and areas where you are prone to do impulsive shopping. If you do have to go, then ensure that you have your list ready and stick to the list.

Avoid window shopping or just checking out things, as this will definitely lead to the temptation of buying things.

Avoid going on online shopping sites.

Due to the advancement of technology, we can become a victim of impulsive shopping right at home. We have online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay etc., which have online shopping festivals throughout the year.

Most of the time people are tempted to buy things when they see 60% or 70% discount. They feel it is a good deal but the end result is that you buy things that you do not need.

In order to take the best advantage of these deals ensure that you have your list of requirements ready and buy only those things which are actually needed.

Keep yourself busy with work and other productive hobbies.

Research has indicated that impulsive shopping is done when you are bored and don’t have anything to do. Ensure that you have a productive and active lifestyle. Plan your schedule for the day which should include exercising, walks, cultivating a good hobby like gardening, writing etc., which will keep you busy.

Keep yourself busy so that you don’t have time to go malls or to any other shopping alternatives.

Avoid using credit cards or any other digital payment mechanisms.

Due to demonetisation, many of our day to day transactions are already done in the digital mode. When we use the digital mode of payments like credit card, Paytm, debit card etc., we tend to shop more. It is important to take a moment and think whether you actually need the item and also try to make cash payments as far as possible. Cash payments also help you know the value of money.

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Go out with a smart person for shopping.

Whenever you plan to go out for shopping, ensure that you take along a smart person who will help you in shopping. They will help you in taking the decision whether you need a particular item or not. Further they could be members of your family who would be already aware of your impulsive buying habit.

They can guide you by giving you correct and proper advice. Such a friend or family member can help you develop good and wise habits, which in turn will help you in leading a balanced lifestyle.

Do not have too many credit cards and other cards.

Many a time people get influenced when banks want to give them free add-on credit cards and so they keep on taking additional cards. Remember banks are in the business of giving cards. You should take a credit card only if you need it. Also avoid the usage of credit cards for everything. It is better to carry limited cash, so that you can keep a track of your expenses.

People shop to avoid stress and depression.

Sometimes people go out and do impulsive shopping to take their mind off their stress and depression. This kind of shopping can give you a happy feeling for some time but it will leave you with a lot of unwanted things and also a big bill.

Monitor your shopping decision.

It is always good to monitor your shopping decision by asking yourself some difficult questions, such as what is your budget? Is this item important?  What are things that you are saving for in the future? How will this purchase impact your savings? Will this simplify your life or will this purchase add stress in the near future or is it worthwhile to have temporary happiness rather than taking a wise decision for a better future?

We all want to buy things at some point in time and take advantage of the best deals and save money. However, it is important to make a rational choice of which things are needed and when do we need them. Once you make a habit of ruling out all unnecessary expenses, then you will not be an impulsive buyer but a wise buyer.

The above are the 10 wise ways to beat impulsive shopping.

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