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Valentines Day Cheap

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day On The Cheap

Valentine’s day is about expressing love to each other. It is definitely not about splurging money on extravagant and expensive gifts. There is no harm in giving gifts if you can afford it but it definitely does not need to break your bank balance. People often get stressed out to get that most perfect and expensive gift for their loved one.

Some of the most appreciated gifts are thoughtful, cheap and sometime even free.

So today, let us look at some innovative and budget friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. Here are Top 14  budget friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Start your day with a good breakfast that your loved one likes

A good combination of health and taste should make your breakfast loved by one and all. You can choose to add a variety of foods loved and enjoyed by them.

Keep some sweet surprise notes in your loved ones bags and clothes

As the day progresses, your loved ones might be pleasantly surprised to see these notes in their lunch box, coat pockets, bags etc. This will demonstrate your love and care towards them. You can put messages like what you like most about them.

Surprise them for a lunch date

If your work place is somewhere around, then you can definitely surprise them for a quick lunch date.

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Flowers and chocolates are women’s all-time favourites

Flowers and chocolates as gifts can never go wrong. They are not very expensive and are enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Cook their favourite dinner or even order from their favourite restaurant

It is always cheaper to eat at home than at a restaurant. You can make some dishes at home and also order for a couple of dishes from a restaurant. This can help you spend time chatting and catching up on things.

Go for a leisurely night walk

After your dinner, you can go out for a leisurely walk enjoying the stars and the moon. You can revive some old cherished memories which will make you feel rejuvenated.

Watch a good movie together

Watching movies is fun. Sometimes simply relaxing and watching a movie together can be refreshing and enjoying.

Scrap book memories as a gift

You can make a scrap book with your all-time favourite pictures and write some good messages. This is one of the most loved and cheap gift, which is appreciated by one and all.

Try and do their daily or weekly chores

If your spouse is responsible for grocery shopping or doing laundry or cleaning the house, then you can surprise them by doing all these chores well in advance. They will surely appreciate it.

Play some good old time music favourites

Just listening to your good old time favourite love songs can be so relaxing and refreshing.

Photoshop their picture with their favourite celebrity

This will surely make them laugh and enjoy. My husband is a big fan of Usain bolt and I plan doing this for him.

Turn off the social media for the entire day

Keep all your electronic gadgets away and give them undivided attention. Do a digital detox that day and you will enjoy it.

Go for a long drive or any beautiful scenic spot near by

If you love driving , you can go on a drive nearby .You can visit a beach nearby and watch the sunset. Small things  will give you a sense of fulfilment.

Take a simple photo of both you and frame it with a meaningful message

This simple act of taking a joint photo will be much appreciated and will be etched in your memory for a long time.These are top 14 Cheap ways to celebrate  your valentine day. Hope you will try this and enjoy it as well. Wishing all our readers a heart filled with love for each and every member of your family and those around you.

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