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Smart ways to make your laptop battery last longer

Laptops have become an essential part of our technology life. Most of the times, the laptop battery does not last when it is much needed.In such unavoidable situations, let us look at some of the Smart ways to make the laptop battery last longer.

Most of the laptops and smart phones, work on the same technology lines for their battery life.

Activate your battery saver mode.

The battery saver (Eco mode) will immediately make automatic changes to lengthen your battery life. The saved profile will adjust your laptop settings and shift them to lower power.

Dim your laptop screen.

One of the biggest power users is the screen backlight. When you reduce the screen lights, the battery life will automatically increase. For e.g., hold the window key and press X. It will open the mobility center, where you can change the brightness.

Disable the unused devices.

One of the easiest ways to reduce power consumption is to close all unused programs or functions. Remember every component needs power to function. You can turn off the wifi, Bluetooth, graphics and any other external device like the USB mouse etc.

Change the power settings.

By default, your laptop will have “balanced” settings, but you need to change the settings to power setting. Go to the control panel and search for power options. Generally you will find that windows will automatically switch off the screen or the hard disk, if there is no activity for some time.

Close apps and other processes.

Multiple apps and processes running on your laptop will use your battery. It is advisable to just turn off any process which is not used. For e.g. in the task manager you will find all the open apps and programs which are running. You can appropriately turn off the programs and processes which are not needed.

Avoid multitasking.

Avoid working on different apps and programs at the same time. In order to get a longer battery life, it is good to work on a single task.

Do not over charge your laptop battery.

It is not good for your laptop to always be plugged in the mains. Also some battery vendors recommend avoiding charging the battery fully. This helps in avoiding battery degradation.

Take care of the removable batteries.

If your system has removable batteries, take care not to damage the battery contacts. Also keep things cool, as heating will shorten the life term of a battery. Keep the laptop ventilation ports clean and clear.

Invest in a second battery.

You can have a universal battery that can be easily used in downtimes. All you need to do is simply charge up the external battery and connect it to the laptop’s socket.

Also it is important to know that lap top batteries do not last for lifetime, so it is advisable to replace your internal batteries, if you are finding problems consistently.

You can also have a spare external power pack. These external power sources plug into your laptop the same way as the charger does.

Tune up.

It is very important to regularly do some simple maintenance tasks and upgrades that will help your battery last longer and also have a faster system. Clean up unwanted files and programs, de-clutter your drive and make it more efficient to use.

The above are some of the Smart ways to make your battery last longer.

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