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Fathers Day 2016

Father’s Day – 2016 Edition

Mom, my school is celebrating Father’s Day this weekend. Will Dad come to my school and do an activity with me – quipped my 5 year old daughter Naysa. She looked at me and waited for an answer. I nodded and said why don’t  you ask your dad? As evening approached Naysa waited patiently for her father to come home from work. As she waited she kept asking me what kind  of card will her dad like, what color, what design, so on and so forth. I replied patiently “Why don’t you ask Your Dad?”.

That evening when her dad finally came home, she started rattling out her series of questions:

Will you come for my father’s day celebration?

Will you do an activity with me?

What color do you like?

What Design would you like on a card? etc.

My husband who was very tired after a hard day’s work looked at her and (I was sure that he would definitely say NO) smiled and patiently answered each of her question’s. Suddenly there was a glow on Naysa’s face when she heard a Yes that her father was indeed coming with her for her school’s Father’s day celebration. She hugged him and kissed him and I saw a heavy burden of stress being lifted off my husband. He was now more relaxed and happy. It just rejuvenated him instantly.

This made me think of the importance of father’s in our lives.

We all have wonderful, happy and not so happy (strict) memories of our father’s. Father’s do have a very special place in a child’s life. It does not matter whether you have a boy or a girl because a Dad is a son’s “first hero” and a daughter’s “first love”. It’s a huge responsibility that God has placed on a father’s shoulder.

A family is only complete when both father and mother play their individual roles. A child not only needs security and strength – which is usually associated with a father but also needs love, care and comfort – which is usually associated with a mother. Also, I am of the belief that God provides single parents more than enough Grace to help them take care of the additional responsibility that comes with single parenting.

Father’s Day is celebrated the world over to recognize the contribution a father makes in their children’s life. Most of the countries observe this day on the third Sunday of June. This year it is 19th June 2016.

Fathers day school celebration

How can you be a good father? A big question with an open ended answer. But lets’ look at some of the things that can lead you to become a good father.

1.Make time for your family.

As a father, you are responsible for providing the needs of your children and family. Most of the time, father’s make huge sacrifices in order to make the life of their family comfortable. However, it is equally important for a father to spend time with the family. If the right balance is not maintained, kids would conclude that their father’s job, friends or hobbies are more important than them. It is important for each family to have a family prayer time, family dinner time or some reading time together. This will help build a sense of bonding in the family which will go a long way in keeping the family together. True happiness cannot be found with money but is found with love that you share with each other.

2. Good communication in the family.

In order to be a good communicator , you need to be a good listener. Remember to listen patiently without overreacting or being judgemental. The environment in the house should be stress-free wherein everyone is encouraged to share their feeling’s. This helps foster a better relationship with each other. Remember in a child’s time of difficulty and need, you would be the first one they would approach for guidance and the roots of this comfort and belief in You would have to be sown long before you see the fruits. 

3. Showing love and discipline

Love and discipline form an integral and important part of your child’s upbringing. The discipline that you administer should be an expression of love and concern. At times, you need to advice, correct, educate or chastise your child. Commendation or appreciation enriches your child’s character. A father who finds opportunities to appreciate his child will build confidence and good character in them.

That night when I asked Naysa if she enjoyed the father’s day celebration, she was all smiles. It really did not matter to her or her dad what the fun activities were. What really mattered was the time both father and daughter spent together. The joy on Naysa’s face was testimony that truly her father was the best Dad in Her world.

As I conclude, I wanted to add that you need not be the best dad in the world, but you need to be the best dad in your child’s world.

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Below are some cool Father’s Day gifts that you can give your dad.

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