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The true meaning of the story of Christmas

After Thanksgiving, December sets it. It is the most happy and joyful time of the year as people look forward to spending time with family and friends. Most of us know that Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Christians believe that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son as the saviour of the world.


Most of us associate Christmas with gifts, lights, sweets, turkey dinners, decorations, Christmas tree and Santa Claus. But that’s not the real meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas can be understood from the fact that God chose a humble family and a very humble surrounding, for the birth of his son. He could have easily chosen a King’s palace for the birth of his son, but he did not.

God has shown his great love for mankind in the most humble and powerful way. It is a time of joy and renewed strength for each and every person who believes in the unconditional love of God and the salvation message.

Let us go through the story of Jesus. Why was Jesus born?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to a carpenter named Joseph and Mary. God sent his son Jesus (Yeshua, which means salvation in Hebrew language) into the world, so that he would grow up and one day pay the price of all the wrongdoings of mankind.  

His ultimate sacrifice on the cross would break all the barriers between God and man. Mankind will once again be reconciled with God, their creator. This promise belongs to everyone who accepts Jesus as their saviour and thus become sons and daughters of God.

It is said that there was great rejoicing in the heavens and on the earth, when the Saviour was born. We hear a lot of songs depicting the joy of the shepherds and the singing of the angels in the sky, at the birth of the Saviour.The story of the birth of Jesus is quite interesting. He was born in an average carpenter’s family. His parents did not have a proper room at the time of his birth and so he was born in a manger, the most humble place that anyone can think of.

The Shepherds were the first people to know about the birth of Jesus. All the children during that time were killed by King Herod, in order to prevent the Messiah from living but Jesus was miraculously saved by God. Three kings from the eastern culture had understood the importance of his birth and started their journey years ago. They followed a star which led them exactly to the place where Jesus was born. These are some of the interesting things that we know of the birth of Jesus.

Understanding the true spirit of Christmas in Today’s World.

In today’s fast changing world, we need to understand the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. Today, Christmas has become more commercialised with the importance of gifts, turkey dinners and Santa Claus stories. But in reality, none of these things depict the actual meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of sharing your love and joy with those who don’t have any hope. Instead of giving many gifts to your own friends and relatives who already have enough, its time you look at others who do not have anything. It is time we move out of our comfort zone and look at those around us, who are in need. We don’t have to go far as we will find people in our own circle who are lost and hurting.

You will find people dealing with loneliness, depression, poverty and many other tough challenges of life. God wants us to touch the lives of people around us. You don’t have to be rich and powerful to touch anybody’s life. The only thing you need is a good heart and the willingness to move out of your comfort zone and make others happy. The joy of giving is many times more than the joy of receiving. Practice random acts of kindness and it will bring a lot of peace and blessings in your life.

Let this Christmas be an inspiring Christmas for you.

Let the story of God’s love be demonstrated in your deeds. This Christmas day, reach out and help that one person who is hurting and sad. Bring back joy, happiness and a smile to those who have been forgotten. That is the true spirit of Christmas. Let this Christmas bring back the true meaning of God pouring out his abundant love to all his children in the world. Be the one who shares and spreads this message of love to everyone.

After understanding and living the true spirit of Christmas, you can still enjoy your Christmas Star, Christmas tree, turkey dinners etc. But at the same time enjoy the peace that comes with it, which surpasses all understanding. You will also touch Gods heart by giving him a wonderful gift, by loving and caring for someone who is less fortunate than you .

In today’s world, Christmas is celebrated by many, across different religions and boundaries. It will be a good way to share hope, love and joy with someone who has not seen any of this for a long, long time. Let us all get into the true Christmas spirit and impact lives around us. God Bless.

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