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Top 8 Ways To Develop Patience To Be More Successful (2)

Top 8 ways to develop Patience to be more Successful

In this fast paced world, it is very difficult to remain patient. We all are hard pressed for time and want to do things fast and instantly. Today we get almost everything instantly, like fast food, quick taxi service etc., and there is a minimal waiting period, as nobody wants to wait. Due to these lifestyle factors, we are more prone to become more and more impatient in life.


It is important to understand that patience helps us to become more focussed and successful. I like the famous quote of St.Augustine which says that Patience is the companion of wisdom. Therefore it is very important to develop skills that will help us practice patience.

Let us look at top 8 ways to develop Patience to be more Successful .

Take one day at a time.

You need to consciously make an effort to practice patience the entire day. Be mindful about everything that you do and make a firm decision to remain patient. There will be moments when you will be tempted to lose your patience and you might even end up losing it, but try to make an effort.

In order to develop patience, you will need to be persistent and determined. It is just like your physical exercise regime that you follow to keep your body healthy. You exercise day in and day out, thereby keeping your body healthy.

One of the good ways to develop patience is to read books. Take a book and try to read it.  Even if you don’t have the habit of reading, continue to read a few pages daily.  When you read a few pages daily, it will take you some time to finish the book and by this act itself, you are developing patience and perseverance.

Plan your day and try to slow down.

Everybody tries to achieve more things than what is possible, in a stipulated period of time. Overscheduling of things, multitasking etc., leads to stress and disappointments. Plan your day properly with appropriate breaks and try to slow down. Do not rush around or try to hurry up things.

In case of day to day situations like traffic jams, long grocery queues, travel delays etc., be patient. Make sure that you make a choice to be patient and not overreact as it will not change the situation in hand.

In order to help you develop patience, try listening to some soothing music, meditate on prayer (bible verses in my case) etc., which will take your mind off the situation and ease your stress.

Think before you speak or act.

This is one of the most difficult things to do. Many times we get into trouble, as we don’t think before we speak or act. It is therefore very important to develop patience.

At the onset, patience may look to be a passive trait but it is one of the most important traits to develop character, self- discipline and focus.

Learn to wait and take decisions.

In this fast changing world, everybody wants instant gratification. We see a “Sale” happening almost every day and people want to buy things, whether they need them or not.

In such situations, patience will help you take rational and wise decisions. If you are a patient person, you will not do impulsive shopping. Patience helps us to think calmly and take wise decisions, which are good and productive in the long term.

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Patience helps you to be kind and compassionate.

When you are patient it helps you to be kind, compassionate and filled with empathy. It helps you to understand situations and respond in a much more kind and compassionate manner.This is one of the important traits for successful relationships, marriages and also dealing with children.

Patience helps you to be grateful and appreciate success.

To build anything successful, it requires time and patience. You are able to appreciate success more when you know the detailed planning, effort, sleepless nights and patience you had to put in, to get the job done. When you are patient, you enjoy success more. We all know that Rome was not built in a day.

Someone beautifully put it, “The 3 P’s for Success are – Patience, Perseverance and Perspiration”.

Patience develops an eye for detail.

Patience is one of the most important virtues needed to achieve your goals. You cannot take short cuts or look for quick fixes or do things in a hurry, without getting into details for success. You need to be purpose driven, passionate and patient to achieve your goals. Every implementation plan needs detailed attention to make it successful.

Patience makes you stress free and healthy.

When you practices patience, you don’t get angry, overwhelmed or stressed. You make a choice to be in control of your emotions and wisely deal with all difficult situations. This helps you to remain calm, composed and helps to remove the stress out of the situation, thus making you happy.

Some real life situations which needs loads of patience are listed below –

  • Getting over the loss of a loved one.
  • Losing weight.
  • Becoming successful in your field.
  • Overcoming diseases and getting healed.
  • Bringing up children.
  • Learning and becoming successful in your hobby.

These are only a few ones, but I am sure you will agree with me that there are many day to day instances where your patience is tested.

Some of the ways to develop patience are listed below:

  • Take up reading and read daily.
  • Gardening is one more activity which needs patience.
  • Cooking an entire meal.
  • Teaching your children important values of life (high level of persistence and patience is required).
  • Volunteering for charity purposes.

These are some of the important ways of developing patience which can help you be successful, both in your personal and professional lives. Do not get discouraged if you are not patient, just keep preserving and making an informed choice of being patient. It will help you to build your patience level, which will help you to lead a stress free life.

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