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Summer Dress Style Tips

Top 4 Summer Styling tips for women

Summer has already set in and we are experiencing an increase in temperature. In India, the temperature has been fluctuating between 38 degrees to 42 degrees. It is very important for you to dress appropriately, as it can bring relief to your body. It is important to dress smartly, by wearing the right clothes with the right colours in order to beat the heat.

Scorching sun and excess heat can make you sweat and get you dehydrated. We sometimes get heat rashes, prickly heat, boils etc., which aggravates the skin. It is very important to eat right and dress right in order to help the body to tackle the excess heat.

Here are  the Top 4  Summer Styling tips for women

Go for comfortable cotton.

Cotton is the fabric of the summer season. It allows your skin to breathe. As you sweat, it allows the air to evaporate the sweat from your body. This in turn helps to avoid infections due to bacteria and foul smell.

Cotton is a natural fabric which helps the body to cool off easily. It is a soft and stretchy fabric. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter and so it is advisable to wear cotton all year long.

Go for cotton dresses, shorts, shirts, kurtas, palazzos etc. Mix and match the combination. Use proper accessories like jewellery, shoes, scarves and bags.

Try the lighter colours.

Light shades of colour like white, yellow, beige, light pink, blue, light green, keep you cool. These colours reflect back the sunrays and so your body remains cool. In contrast, dark colours absorb the sun rays and trap heat and make you feel hot.

Try wearing fresh spring colours and prints, which will give you a nice look. Wear thin layers with interesting designs and mix and match clothes.

Loose clothes are in season.

Avoid wearing tight clothes which restrict the circulation of air. Loose and airy clothes will help your body to breathe by proper circulation. Some of the best options are loose sleeved tops, knee length skirts, short kurtas, cotton loose shirts, loose cotton pants or skirts.Take time and invest in some good summer dresses which can suit your body type.

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Smart style of clothes.

Try to be smart by choosing the clothes that suit your body type, cover up your bulges, excess fat and at the same time gives you a good sense of comfort and style. Choose smart tops, skirts, salwar kameez, kurtas and formals which will enhance your look. For e.g., choose asymmetric dresses and tops which look good on almost everybody. For an apple shaped body type, tops that have a good fit around the bust but wider at the tummy will look good. Covering up your body is an ideal thing to keep your body protected from the high UV rays.

Some of the best and cool summer ideas are –

  1. A white cotton dress with a jacket or white shirt with jeans. White is the best colour for summer and you can mix and match with different colours.
  2. Cool cotton pants with shirts or cotton tops.
  3. Cotton long skirts and tops.
  4. Khadi kurtas also look great in summer.
  5. Khaki cotton pants for women are loved by most during summer.
  6. Choose good accessories to go with your dresses.

Accessories can enhance the look of your simple dress. You can add a belt, wear matching shoes, have a nice bag, use a scarf, wear nice jewellery of long earrings and necklaces, which will make your dress look appealing. Sunglasses can protect your eyes and also give you the perfect look.

Some of the other tips for dressing in summer are listed below –

  1. Sleeveless or half sleeves are good in summer.
  2. Open neck t-shirts should be worn.
  3. Avoid jackets and scarves (except for covering your face and head in the sun).
  4. Avoid wearing tights, leggings, slacks in summer.
  5. Cotton shorts, Bermuda’s, Capris should be tried in summer.
  6. Fewer and lighter (in weight) clothes will make you feel better.

These are some of the tips for dressing up in summer. We hope that you will incorporate these small tips which can make you dress appropriately in summer.

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