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Top 10 ways to a peaceful and calm home

When you have children in the house, it goes without saying that peace can be allusive. I have two daughters, aged 6 and 11 years and I am the peacemaker most of the time. When you are a hands-on mom – you make breakfast, get them ready for school, clean the house, help them in their school studies and projects, as a result of which you are hard pressed for time. There are going to be times when your peace is going to be challenged.

After years of struggling in this area and I still am, I have found that it is you who choose to be affected or not affected. In any situation, if you guard the peace of your heart, then your children and your home will be at peace. As a woman and the mother of the house, we are the chosen people to demonstrate God’s love, peace and joy in our homes. Only when you are at peace, will you be able to keep your surroundings, which are your children and others at peace.

While I am still learning and adapting , here are  the top 10 ways to a peaceful and calm home .

Ensure that you have your dedicated prayer time.

Prayer is the connection between you and God. For all our daily challenges, we need to get our daily dose of strength and inspiration. Do not look around to get inspiration but look to God. For me reading the Bible is a great source of strength and inspiration. It shows me the unconditional love of God and develops my inner strength to face the daily battles.

This prayer time should be an isolated time, only between you and God. Talk to God just as you have a conversation with people. Share your joys, your struggles and ask for wisdom in dealing with any difficult situation. As you have your daily time with God, it will cleanse you of all the bitterness, strife and un-forgiveness. Always pray for your children and the peace of your home.

Speak kindly and appropriately.

Words bring death or life into a situation. Ensure that you try and use only positive words while speaking to your child. Though this is the most difficult thing to do, you should consciously try and make this a habit.

Kind and respectful words go a long way in maintaining the peace of the house. Be respectful and kind in dealing with each other at home. Children are great observers and will try to imitate your actions more than your words.

When you choose to be kind and respectful irrespective of the situation around you, you are creating an atmosphere of peace in your home.

Love and honour should be maintained in the family.

It starts with loving and honouring each member of your family. When you love and honour your husband, your children are getting the most important life lessons, which can be learnt only by observing the environment in the family. You are sowing the seeds of love and honour in their life.

Have a set family time.

It is important to have a set family time wherein you laugh, play, pray and smile with your children. Ask them about their day and share things, both happy and sad with them.

These moments spent together are the foundational blocks in your relationship. When your children are stressed out, they are more likely to reach out to you, if you have built the trust relationship over a period of time.

Meal times and prayer times are a great source of togetherness and bring bonding and peace to your home.

Peace, Word, Scrabble, Letters

Have a stable and consistent set routine.

Always have a consistent set routine for your children. Their morning routine of waking up, finishing their breakfast and getting ready for school, study time, play time etc., needs to be tentatively set.

This helps in bringing discipline, as they are aware of things that need to be done. Confusion is exactly the opposite of peace.

Forgive each other quickly.

Forgiveness is the key to building relationships. Be quick to forgive and move on. Teach your children the power of forgiveness, as it brings peace to your mind and soul.

Control the usage electronic gadgets and computers.

Due to the continuous advancement in technology, we have many gadgets like ipads, smartphones, computer’s etc., which entice us to use them. Due to the excess usage of these gadgets, the peace of the house is challenged. Young children get addicted to these gadgets, which in turn sets in rebellion.

Go back to the age old parenting style of spending time with your children, by talking and reading to them stories etc. They will enjoy them and this will result in the peace of your home.

 Keep your home clean.

A clean and orderly home gives you a sense of peace. With young children, it is not possible to keep the house in spotless order but that’s not what I meant. Keep your house in decent order, to keep the peace and tranquillity of the house. Having a peaceful home décor with soothing lights and colours will bring a sense of peace to your home.

Play good soothing worship music in the mornings.

In the morning, we always play worship and Godly music which is soothing to our ears. As we are busy doing our chores and daily activities, the sweet sound of Godly music changes the whole environment in our house. We call on God’s peace to reign in our home and amongst us. I urge you to try this out – it will help you to get your peace of mind.

Demonstrate your love.

It is important to demonstrate your love, by hugging and cheering your children. Love is the most powerful weapon which can be used to ensure peace in your home.

After writing all this I am still learning, as everyday life throws at me different difficult situations, wherein my peace of mind is challenged. We all fail and make mistakes, but it is time that we make a conscious effort to maintain the peace of our home. When we are serious about making this effort, we will automatically start taking small steps that will help us in making our home more peaceful – one day at a time.

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