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Time Management

Time Management skills for working women

In today’s world, life moves at a very fast pace and we need to accomplish too many things in a very short span of time. Our day is filled with a list of activities that we need to do. Sadly at the end of the day, it seems that we have accomplished far little than what we wanted to, leading to dissatisfaction and depression.


Most people are too stressed out due to overwork and bad time management. Time management is the key in achieving the maximum in the limited time that we have.

Today, let us look at the time management skills for working women.

Set your goals effectively.

We all know that time is limited and we can only use our time better by setting our goals.  So we need to set our goals effectively so that we can devote our time according to these set goals.

We would all like to achieve our goals and so we need to spend time in achieving these goals. So the first and foremost thing is to set effective goals. Every action should bring you one step closer to your goal.

Prioritize your work and other things around you.

You will always have some things which will be far more important than other things. It is important to reduce the time spent on unwanted things and at the same time spend more time on other important things. Prioritise and organise your daily tasks so that you can  manage your time better.

A simple thing to follow is to have your ” To do list” at the beginning of the day. Allocate appropriate time to fulfil these tasks. You can keep at least two lists with you, one is for your work purpose and the other one is for home “to do’s”.  It would be great to keep a personal list which could include your “me time”, like your prayer time and relaxation time.

Know yourself better.

It is important to know yourself better. Some people may be early morning workers, while others may work best late in the evening. Though it is good to start your work early, it is just that at the beginning of the day you are fresher, calm and you can plan your entire day properly.

As the day progresses, our energy levels decrease leading to less productivity. But there are no preconditions, know your strengths and what works best for you. You can then customise your time schedule in your best interest. This will also increase your productivity.

Delegate your tasks.

Most of us get caught in doing everything for everybody. This results in huge stress, burnout, low self-esteem and dissatisfaction. It is important to delegate tasks. You can delegate tasks at home and at the work place. It is not that you are running away from your responsibilities, but just that you are trying to manage better by focusing on jobs that need your attention.

You need to delegate tasks according to the skills and abilities of people around you. This will also create the next level of responsible and trained backup’s. This also helps in easing stress and helping you to relax.

Working in a harmonious balance with those around you.

When we work harmoniously with those around us, the jobs get done faster and effectively leading to better time management. Building positive relationships with people around you will help you to achieve your goals and their goals effectively. It is a win-win situation for both. So it is important to understand, encourage and build positive relationships at work and at home.

Give yourself deadlines.

It is always important to set deadlines to complete your tasks. You also need to adhere to these deadlines so that the tasks are completed on time. Give yourself appropriate time for meeting these deadlines. In areas wherein the tasks are difficult and need extra time, always challenge yourself to complete them in time. This will also help you in creating a positive habit of meeting the time deadlines that you have set.

Motivation is also an important element in time management.

Due to your fast and stress filled life, most of the time it will need a lot of motivation and self-discipline to do our daily tasks within the desired timelines. It is important to be responsible and accountable for the tasks that have been pre-decided.

The key is to finish your daily tasks and not let them spill over to the next day else soon you will have a lot of unfinished work leading to more stress and other problems.

Avoid doing many things or multitasking.

Though we all, including our children have become experts in multitasking due to the constant stress for time, it is important to know that multitasking hinders good productivity. Many experts have suggested that the brain can focus on one thing at a time and so it is important to concentrate on one thing and finish the task before moving on to the next task.

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You need patience and forgiveness.

Though time management is all about getting more things done in the limited time available, in reality good time managers are those who do things patiently. They do not hurry and do things wrongly and hence they never falter by taking more time to rectify errors.

Patience is more than a virtue. It is a habit and a skill. It is something that we all need to practice till we become patient in our dealings. People who manage their time efficiently do things patiently and correctly, in the required amount of time

Forgiveness is another key element. In the rush of doing things, you will make mistakes and others will also make mistakes. It is time you need to forgive and move on.

Do not let the un-forgiveness and frustration reduce your effectiveness and take you away from your goal. Give people the benefit of doubt as nobody wants to do things wrongly or on purpose.

Accept a genuine mistake and make an effort to rectify it at the earliest. This will build positive relationships around you, which is one of the core strength for success at home and at the work place.

Be Assertive and learn to say ‘No”.

Most of the time, we fill our lives with things that are unnecessary and unimportant just because we cannot say “No”. We try to please everyone and in reality we please none, including ourselves. It is important to understand that we cannot do everything and so be assertive and say “No” to things that drain our time and energy and focus on doing things that add value to our lives.

These are the Top 10 strategies to improve your time management skills. We hope that you can enhance your productivity and time management skills by implementing these key tips in your life.

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