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Smart Holiday Planning Tips For Young Mothers

Smart holiday planning tips for young mothers

Holidays are the only time when working women get to kick off their shoes and enjoy quality uninterrupted time with their family. These can be joyous and memorable moments in your child’s life and hence good planning is needed to make the best of it.

While planning a family vacation here are some of the important things to keep in mind:

Adventure Travel

The Destination

While planning your family trip you might want to look at the various activities your family enjoys doing together like hiking on a scenic mountain trail, swimming or water boarding on a beach, fishing etc. Once you have made a note of your favourite family activities you might want to head over to various travel sites like Thrillophilia , TourMyIndia  and plan your holiday destination accordingly. If you are busy you could also take the help of a professional tour organizer.


Having a well-defined budget will help in determining the destination of your vacation. For e.g.if you are on a tight budget and your family enjoys building sand castles and eating seafood you might want to consider a vacation in Goa or Kerala instead of an international destination like Mauritius.

While budgeting some of the things to consider are:-

Transportation costs 

Transportation costs like air, train, bus travel and other local transports.

Accommodation for your family

The cost of a hotel room, small villa or apartment.

Food for your family

If you’re travelling with small children you might want to cook your own food and thus staying in a place with a well-stocked kitchen is essential. You can also find restaurants which serve healthy food online on apps like zomato etc.


If you plan on attending any live shows or concerts, amusement parks, zoos, etc., the entry costs should be included in the budget.

Plan with some potential dates in mind

  • When planning short holidays with kids always have a copy of the academic calendar and avoid going on vacations during exam times as this could be stressful on the kids.
  • During the monsoon season (off season)some popular destinations like Goa are cheaper and you could get good discounts and offers.  Try planning a short vacation around that time.

Airline tickets

Airline tickets must be purchased in advance to avail of good discounts. Compare the airfares, timings and dates of your travels. For e.g. early morning flights are very cheap but they are not advisable when travelling with young children. Remember that Fridays and week end flights are more expensive when compared to weekdays. So plan your trip accordingly.

Book your accommodation

It is good to do some research and compare the prices of different hotels. There are various travel related sites like TripAdvisor, Goibibo, Airbnb, OYO rooms  which offer good rooms at reasonable rate. Remember to carefully book the rooms according to the needs of your family.For e.g. book a room with a stocked kitchen  for those travelling with small kids. Check on the local transportation availability, complimentary breakfast etc. Also check the online reviews of the hotel to get a fair idea about the amenities of the hotels.

In conclusion this interesting quote comes to mind

failing to plan is planning to fail

So friends, plan your vacations well to make a lot of happy memories with your loved ones. Remember that you don’t need an expensive vacation to enjoy with your family; even a Staycation in your home town can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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