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8 Tips For Selecting A Good Day Care Centre

8 tips for selecting a good day care center

Most young moms are not lucky enough to have large revenue streams coming from either their ancestral property or husband’s monthly salary/business. In order to compensate, they have to move out of their homes to find gainful employment while their kids are placed in a day-care center or under the supervision of a babysitter.

There is a current trend wherein even stay-at-home moms have started leaving their kids at a Day Care center. This is mainly because stay-at-home moms are equally stressed.

I know of some friends who have left their high paying jobs to be with their children. Many regret their decision. These moms have invariably discovered, what women throughout the ages have known: raising children full time means having no private or me time.

When you are at work, you have a schedule. But when you are at home you are on your toes 24 x 7. There’s no time to attend a weekly Zumba or an aerobics class, meet with friends at a local coffee shop or do some window shopping. Hence today, young stay-at-home moms prefer to send their children to a day-care center at least for a small part of the day.


Leaving your child at a day care or under the care of babysitter can be terrifying for a young mother, regardless of whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom.

When you think of putting your child in a day care or you plan to appoint a child care provider, keep in mind the following points:

  • When your child returns home from the Day Care center they should be all geared up and in a positive mood, eager to show their drawings, activities, paintings etc.
  • Your child is so involved in various activities that they don’t remember that it’s time to go home.
  • The baby sitter asks many questions pertaining to your child’s well being like; where you can be reached in case of emergency, who is your child’s pediatrician, if your child is allergic to any food, whether your child requires a special diet etc.
  • Make sure that the day care center has facilities for different age groups.
  • You must feel secure about the caretaker.  At times you may try to share some small family matters like forthcoming family get-together, outings, etc.
  • There are enough of educational toys, puzzles, Mensa games, etc. so that your child is happily engrossed in some activity.
  • Make sure that video games and television are used only as secondary learning tools and the TV shows are specifically designed for kids. 
  • Make sure your child’s caretaker makes meal time… fun time.  Here your child learns to share their food with others.

Very often mothers develop this guilt that someone else is raising their child.  Just remember, you are the mother of your child.  It is your morals, principles and ethics that will raise your child to be a responsible adult.  No one in your child’s life will ever be  more important than you.

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