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Raring To Go

Raring to go…..7 tips

Below are some tips that I feel will help every working woman out there

  1. Believe in yourself – By believing in yourself you are believing in GOD who created you.
  2. Be confident of your strength’s and be aware of your weaknesses.
  3. The break you chose or were forced to take, is only a comma and not a full stop. So do not let anyone make you believe otherwise.
  4. ‘Ask and you shall receive’- Reach out to people you have worked with but at the same time be prepared to hear a ‘No’ because remember it is not upto you or them but it is upto HIM to decide what is best for you.
  5. Never give up and never stop trying. Remember there is a door and he will open the right door of opportunity for you at the right time.
  6. Do not look around you and be envious of the younger lot who have raced ahead.They are in their time zone and you are in your time zone and more importantly you have something they do not have – life’s experiences which only comes with age and which cannot be taught or bought.
  7. Do not compromise on your beliefs and principles.

Remember – You are not only ready for a second innings but you are ready for a Promotion so GO for it.


Grieva Kotian (Senior VP in one of the largest investment bank in USA)

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