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How To Nurture A Childs Talent

How to nurture a childs talent

Most of the time children are deeply influenced by their parents likes and dislikes. Every child is unique, so a strong like or dislike of the adult, is likely to suppress the child’s natural inclinations. For e.g., if a child likes bright colours such as red and orange and wants to use those colours, their minds would be influenced if their parents comment harshly on these colours.

We must value and respect our children so that they learn to value and respect themselves and others. We need to show a child that we value and respect their decisions. Try to share the positive and negative outcomes of their choices, so that they are more confident and are able to make the right decisions. If we simply instruct the child to “Do this” and “Do that” then they will not be able to take independent decisions and they may become more rebellious.

A child’s vitality, mental well being and overall development cannot be separated from their relationship with close adults like their father, mother or grandparents etc. Children develop their emotions before they develop maturity and intellect. Healthy relationships help in good emotional development. Excessive scolding and stern instructions will create a feeling of insecurity.

Here are a few way’s, we can nurture a child’s habit beyond their genetic disposition:

1. Make the day’s activities engaging.
2. Creating a sense of independence.
3. Allow fulfillment of healthy desires.
4. Share your growing up stories. The child needs to know in order to be able to learn from all the experiences, good and bad. This is one of the best ways to break inhibitions. Some children are averse to making new friends. By sharing your stories, you can tell them, how your friends have enriched your life. This will encourage them to make new friends.
5. You can always be a parent, but sometimes the child needs you to be a friend.
6. Always ask them questions about their day in school etc. In this way they will share with you the good and bad things that have happened in the day.

Some o the other things to be kept in mind are listed below :

1. Music is a great stress buster.

Inculcate the habit of learning music in your children’s life. Music brings joy to everyone. Research has also proved that introducing music early in life leads to a better developed brain and neural circuit. Listening to music has also resulted in a faster learning ability.

2. Encourage creativity in your child.

You can introduce arts, crafts and drawing in your child’s life. Your children can demonstrate their creativity by just painting and doing some craft. Everything that we see around is a manifestation of somebody’s imagination. Positive imagination can sprout seeds of creativity and new inventions. Free play encourages a child to imagine new meanings, new ways, new outlook and helps them to grow and expand their mind.

3. Allow your child to develop an active brain by letting them learn from their mistakes, rather than doing everything for them.

For e.g., if your young child comes to you to open his lunch box, ask them to do it themselves. If he is unable to do so, just help them a little bit. Always do this in a playful manner and not in a mocking manner. This will help develop your child’s mechanical brain and sense of accomplishment.

4. Hand’s on learning and active participation will boost your children’s imagination.

Hands on participation will make them grow and learn. When a child is involved in free play, he uses his or her intelligence, motor skills and body movement etc. For e.g., when your child reads a strawberry milkshake recipe, and sees its picture, they get an abstract idea, however when they actually make it with you in the kitchen, their learning is even more deeper. Hands on experience result’s in a learning that a child takes forward, rather than forgetting in a few weeks.

I would like to end this article with a famous quote from Pablo Picasso

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

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