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Memory Power For Students

Memory Power for students

Memories are very precious and they enrich our lives. The need to have a good memory is much more for school going children than adults. As adults we have already acquired knowledge and skills which help us to do our day to day activities. Though most information is changing on a daily basis, we still have our foundational knowledge which helps us to build on. On the other hand, while school children are in the process of building their foundation, they are constantly struggling to learn and master new knowledge on different topics. So there is always a need to have a sharp memory during school days.

Most of the time, you hear that students have difficulty in remembering instructions, directions, solutions and other discussions held in their class. Some children have short term memory, like they may remember the first two steps but forget the remaining steps. On the other hand, students who have a long term memory problem will not be able to store the information or retrieve it at the right time. For e.g., they may not be able to recall the information they have studied well during the exams.

Some of the important things you can do to improve your child’s memory are given below:

Set a Routine

Children get well adapted to a routine. You can start when the child is as young as a toddler. You can read a story to them and then ask them questions related to the story. You can put your child to sleep with a favourite toy and ask different questions related to that toy. In short, you are trying to build the child’s language skills and memory.

 Use memory games and ask memory questions

Memory games like block building, making new words, addition and subtraction games and also puzzles, increase their memory power.

Give directions in different ways like verbal and visual directions

Children understand very well when things are explained to them in a visual and verbal format. They can use the power of imagination to understand things better, when they visually see it. You can also ask them to repeat the directions again and ask them to explain the meaning. This helps in enhancing the memory.

 Encourage your children to over learn

Most of the time children practice only till they are around 80% to 90% comfortable. However several error free repetitions are needed to be confident.

Use different memory strategies to memorise

There are various memory strategies to memorise. If you have big answers then you can understand them better by breaking them into points, each point leading to the next one. You can also use the first letters of important words and make a complete new word and use this to then remember the points. For e.g., they can use acronyms of any words like CAT (Chennai,AndhraPradesh,Telangana)

 Inculcate the habit of reading from an early age

Develop a good reading habit early in life. Children should be encouraged to read alone and mark the difficult words. They can then ask you the meaning or get into the habit of searching the meaning of the words in the dictionary. All this research of words will make their memory strong as they are constantly learning more about it.

As children grow, they have to make notes on their own

They need to jot down points or references in the class so that they can remember and build up their notes back home. This is for higher classes but children should be able to identify the main information discussed and provided in the class and then correctly reproduce and organise it in their notes.

 Demonstrate ways to perform the tasks

Children understand better when you demonstrate it to them. It is a good option to demonstrate solving maths problems or a science experiment so that they understand it conceptually and thus will not be able to forget about it.

Thus by using the above methods, you can definitely enhance the memory capabilities of your child. This will help in the long run to sharpen their memory power.


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