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Mango Pan Cotta Recipe

Mango Pan Cotta Recipe

Mango Pan cotta is an easy to make dessert that is simply great for the summer. 

Preparation time – 30 minutes (does not include the refrigeration time)

Serves – 6 people



2 large mangoes chopped

2 large mangoes – pulp

1 cup fresh cream
castor sugar – 100 gms
Vanilla essence – 1-2 drops

2 tablespoons – vegetarian gelatin

Mint leaves for garnishing

Mango Pan cotta preparation

1. Vegetarian gelatin is taken in a bowl and 2 tbsp of warm water is added and it is mixed well till all the gelatin gets completely dissolved.

2. In a non stick pan heat some fresh cream, castor sugar and vanilla essence. Allow it to boil

3. The mangoes (half) are now made into a pulp and half the gelatin is now added to it and it is mixed well.

4. The cream mixture (half the amount) is added to the mango pulp and mixed.

5. In a short serving glass a layer of the mango cream is added and it is allowed to refrigerate for about an hour or so (till it sets)

6. A layer of the cooked cream mixture (with gelatin) is now added on top of the mango cream and it’s again refrigerated and allowed to set

7. The layers are then repeated and the dessert is refrigerated until it sets properly.

8. 2 large mangoes are then cut into small slices (diced) and spread on the top of the layered dessert.

9. The dessert is then garnished with mint leaves and fresh cream and it is now ready to serve.

Enjoy your cup of Mango Pannacotta. For more recipes please check out our Healthy Cooking Category.

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