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Make Writing Fun For Your Kids

Make Writing Fun for Your Kids

This is a special guest post written by Danny Adams from https://essayhelp.io .To find out more about the author please visit the author’s website or read the author bio below the post.

Have you tried asking your kids if they like writing? Go ahead, ask them. It is likely that only a few kids would say that they enjoy writing. There so many other activities to these days. They have their iPad, game consoles, interactive toys, computer, and other electronic gadgets. They can play with other kids, watch movies, watch videos, or other things to do other than writing.
But we as parents know that writing is an important skill to learn. It can be very useful for them as children and so much more as adults. If we can only instill this important skill to them at a young age so they will not have worries about writing in the future. This can be done with our guidance and creativity.

Read together
One way to widen children’s vocabulary is reading. Writing can be easier for kids and also for adults if you learn more knowledge which we get primarily from reading. Reading materials need not be complicated. You can read story books, comic-strips, graphic novels, or any reading materials that can capture the attention of your little one. At early stages of your children, you can start reading to them. You can progress to reading together. Then, you can have them read by themselves and just be ready to answer their questions.

Write together
Setting an example is an effective way to teach your children to write. If your kids see that you also write, you can spark their interest to do the same. On a table, have pieces of paper and pens ready. You can write notes to each other. Ask them simple questions and ask them to answer in complete sentences. Write your own answer in a piece of paper.Take turns in reading each other’s notes. Your young child will surely enjoy this bonding activity with you.

Write letters to friends or other family members
Extend the communication to other members of the family. Have your kids write letters or notes to their dad or siblings. You can also ask them to write what they would want to say to their friends. Let them put this in a letter. Use colorful paper and pens so that your children can incorporate their creativity in writing the letters.

Use journal prompts
Journaling is another effective way to encourage your children to write. However, younger children might not yet have an idea on what they can write on their journal. This is where your creativity comes in. You can write journal prompts to encourage your child to write and answer what you have written. This is similar to writing notes to each other but with the journal, your kids will have a larger space for them to have longer answers. The prompts can be as simple as what they did in school. You can ask where they went on their field trip. The options are endless.

Write on a board
Having a board to write on can look refreshing to the eyes of your kids. This can encourage them to write. With this, they will also have the sense of an audience because they know that when they write on the board, many others will be able to read what they have written. Use different colors of markers as well to make writing more delightful.

Write on the street
Kids just love to get messy, don’t they? You can use colored chalks to write on your garage, yard, or the street. Writing on the street can feel like just playing for children. Have them write words or phrases. They can also add drawings and designs to what they have written. Just make sure to clean up once you guys are done.

Write in the computer
As kids in this day and age, your little children probably have an idea on how to use a computer. Take this up a notch by teaching them how to write in it. There are online activities where children can type what they want to say. Or you can use a simple word processing program. To make writing by typing even more interesting, you can change the colours and font. In this type of activity, your kids can learn two skills, writing and typing.

You don’t have to do these activities all at once. Otherwise, your little kids might think that your home is an extension of their school. Remember, the goal is for them to practice writing in a fun way. Ask them which of these activities they would be interested in doing. Or you can also volunteer what you think will grab their attention.

Don’t be too hard on your child in terms of the technicalities of writing. It is acceptable to remind them of grammar and spelling but do not be too strict. The goal here is to make writing interesting to your kids. Which of these activities would you try first?

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