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How To Keep Your Body Healthy During The Monsoon

How to keep your body healthy during the monsoon

Monsoon is a great time for enjoyment. You can see and feel the rains. Rains are like blessings from heaven which bring life to all living beings. Remember it is also essential to take good care of your skin, hair and body in this season.

So today let’s look at some homemade packs which can help to take care of our body.

Skin Care:

Some of the important things to keep in mind are:
1. Avoid deep fried items, no matter how tempting. Have a diet rich in raw vegetables, fruits and plenty of water.
2. If you suffer from sweaty feet or foot odour then include barley, parsley, lettuce, celery and cucumber in your diet.
3. Have your bath in lukewarm or cool water.
4. Many skip applying sunscreen during the monsoon, but sun’s UV rays can penetrate dark clouds. So always use sunscreen.
5. Fungal and bacterial infections are common in the rainy season due to the dampness of the skin. Try to keep your body dry.
6. Dry your shoes even if they are water proof.
7. When working at your desk, remove your footwear to air the feet as frequently as possible.

Monsoon Facial Pack


Small pieces of apple and banana
¼ cup of oatmeal powder
¼ cup of dry almond powder
1tsp honey
¼ cup milk
¼ cup rosewater.


Blend all the ingredients with little milk and form a thick paste. Apply the paste on the face and neck in massaging strokes. After 10 minutes, wash off the paste with the remaining milk. Then wash with normal water and generously apply rosewater.

B. Foot care

The feet are the most neglected part of the body. They need special care and attention. In the monsoon, the feet are subjected to muddy and dirty roads. If you are used to wearing close shoes then you will be left with smelly feet.

Some of things you can do to keep your feet healthy are:

1. Scrub your feet daily using pumice stone. This will remove dry skin.
2. Rubbing husk and papaya paste will exfoliate the skin of your feet.
3. Give yourself a pedicure which will help you relax and aid circulation.
4. Add essential oils like lavender, rosemary or sage in your bath water. This will help relax your feet and calm your mind also.
5. You can also nurture foot masks made of almond powder, orange peel, milk and oats.

Monsoon Foot Mask


½ cup Red lentil (masoor dal) powder
2tsp almond powder
1 cup milk
A dash of lavender oil or sandalwood oil for aroma
2tsp glycerine


Mix all the ingredients with some milk and form a paste. Apply this paste across the feet and legs. After 15 minutes, when dry, wash it with the remaining milk and then wash with lukewarm water. All the darkness and the dullness of the feet will be gone.

C. Hair Care

There are some basic rules to follow so that your hair remains healthy during monsoons.
1. Do not let your hair stay wet for a long time.
2. Carry a small towel with you so that you can rub the dampness off the scalp, if caught in a downpour.
3. Do not tie wet hair.
4. When at home, wash your hair with beetroot and neem juice.
5. A common myth is that a hair bath leads to catching a cold during monsoons. This is not true. Hair washing should always continue to avoid hair loss.

Hair Pack


¼ cup almond oil or any oil of your choice
¼ cup of thick coconut milk
¼ cup fenugreek seeds extract
¼ cup of milk
¼ cup of aloe vera gel(extract from the aloe vera plant)
2 egg yolks
2 egg whites
2 dashes of rosemary oil or lavender oil
4tsp henna leaf powder


Grind milk, egg yolks, almond oil, fenugreek seed extract and coconut milk together.
Now add 2 dashes of rosemary and lavender oil to the mixture. Aromatic oils should be avoided by those who have breathing difficulties.
Add henna leaf powder and the mixture will become thick.
Place the ground mixture bowl in warm water for some time. This will avoid giving you a cold.
Massage the scalp with almond oil or any other oil of your choice.
Apply the thick mixture into the scalp and the hair.
Tie the hair in the knot or bun and put the shower cap on.
After 10 minutes, wash your hair with lukewarm water.
Beat the egg whites and mix it with aloe gel and a dash of lavender oil.
Apply this solution on the hair and wash it off with water.
Apply your normal shampoo, preferably herbal shampoo and wash your hair.

So friends, by following the above remedies, your skin, body and hair will be healthy.

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