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How To Encourage Good Posture In Your Children (1)

How to encourage good posture in your children

Most parents are worried about their child’s posture. Today, you will find many children having a bad sitting or standing posture. As we all know bad postures lead to long lasting health problems in the future. One of the best ways to teach children is to show them the importance of good posture by demonstrating the same. Children are great observers and so if you lead a healthy lifestyle of good eating habits, exercise and having a good posture, they will tend to follow the same.

Ensure that you have the correct posture while sitting, standing or moving about. Many of us have worked at desk jobs and so have slouching sitting habits which are easily seen at home. It is important that you and your children keep their back straight at all times.

What is a bad posture?

A posture is the manner in which a child holds his/her neck, back, head and spine. At the same time it is important to keep an eye on the manner in which he/she keeps their arms and legs, while standing or sitting. Bad posture is a result of physical and environmental issues.  The back and muscles will be stressed leading to pain and tiredness. Children develop bad posture due to many reasons, like bad sitting and standing habits, overweight bags, stooping low as they are tall in the class etc.

What is a good posture?

A good posture is when your child puts least strain on his/her back, neck, arms and legs, his/her bones and joints are aligned properly and the upper body is balanced uniformly. A good posture comes from consciously sitting or standing straight in daily routine jobs like studying, eating, playing, exercising etc. It is like a healthy habit that you need to cultivate.

Some of the easy ways of encouraging good posture to your children are listed below:

Teach them the importance of good posture.

Talk to your child and teach them the importance of good posture. Tell them the disadvantages and the health problems of not getting their body posture right. You can read some basic good information books about why your posture needs to be right. You have many YouTube – 5 minutes videos, which give you small and quick points as to why you need to sit straight or walk with the right posture. All this information will impact them and they will see the reason of having a good posture. Your children will be curious to know more and so answer all their questions with patience and positivity.

Some of the things to do while teaching your children are listed below?

  1. Show them books with different postures and pictures. Use these pictures and images to teach your child.
  2. There are many short YouTube videos with cartoons relating to posture information and pictures, which are easy to understand.
  3. Get them involved in fun activities like puzzles or drawing of correct postures.
  4. You can also make your own small rhyming song, to emphasize the importance of a correct posture.

Tell them the benefits of good posture.

Children follow instructions when they see the benefit of doing it. Teach them the following –

  1. Poor posture can lead to spinal problems.
  2. Poor posture can cause pain in the back, joints, neck etc.
  3. If you slouch, it can lead to a bad self-image. Straight and tall people always look more confident.
  4. Good posture improves your breathing ability and helps to keep your energy levels high.
  5. It  also improves your ability to concentrate, as it provides the brain with continuous oxygen.
  6. Good posture results in strong and flexible muscles in the spine.
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Improve their posture.

If your child is slouching or stooping, then take corrective measures early in order to ensure that they have the right posture. Some of the things you can do to improve their posture –

  1. Make them stand in front of the mirror and hold their head up and chin in and look straight ahead.
  2. Ask them to pull their shoulders back and stomach in.
  3. Further ask them to keep their knees straight.
  4. Ask them to take a deep breath and relax.
  5. Always ask them to keep their chest forward.
  6. While sitting down, ask them to rest their back against the back rest.
  7. Their knees should be at a right angle.
  8. Feet should be flat on the floor.
  9. Do not cross the legs.
  10. Do not lean forward while using the keyboard of the computer.
  11. Get up and relax every 30 minutes.
  12. Get them involved in regular exercises like running, walking and cycling, which will help to strengthen their back.
  13. While lifting things, bend the knees and straighten the legs before lifting any heavy weight.
  14. Have proper furniture with a proper back rest and firm cushions to get a good posture. Tables and chairs should be of correct height.
  15. Ensure that their backpacks are close to their shoulders and heavy items are packed close to their back.
  16. Limit the computer and TV time.

Praise and encourage your child to have a good posture.

You will have to constantly remind your children to sit or stand with the right posture. Praise them when they sit correctly. Motivate them to have a good posture. Do not constantly criticise or nag them to sit straight. Tell them how tall they look when they stand, as this will improve their self- esteem and image.

Get them involved in interesting activities.

Be creative and play interesting games of climbing trees, ladders or rock climbing, cycling, running, gymnastics, dancing  etc., which will not only increase their strength and stability but will also improve their posture. Cycling or sitting on bikes also needs a good balance and proper posture.

These are some of the important things to be kept in mind in order to encourage good posture in children. It is good to start early so that they understand the importance of good posture and also develop some good posture habits.

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