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Homeschooling 101 The Essentials

Homeschooling 101: The Essentials

Homeschooling is not the most convenient choice for working mothers. However, the main reason parents today decide to homeschool their kids is because they have come to the realization that traditional schooling is causing more harm than good. Children as young as the age of 4 are burdened with endless homework, rote memorization drills and have no time to enjoy the small pleasures of life like playtime, quality time with the family etc.

The decision to homeschool children is not an easy one and should not be taken lightly as it involves the further education and development of your children. When it comes to teaching your own, there is no right and wrong method, but there is a lot of trial and error involved. Before making the decision, it would be best to conduct your own research and do your own due diligence. There are a couple of things which a parent would need to look into e.g.) government regulations concerning the basic educational requirements of children (In India compulsory education of children is a requirement until the age of 14), the different learning styles of your ward, the choice of curriculum, scheduling the learning material etc.


Some of the important Do’s of homeschooling: 

  • Preparing your family

Once you make the decision to homeschool your children, it is best to talk to them and prepare them in advance for what is coming. Keep in mind that it might take some time for your kids to recognize you as an educator. It is also a good idea to find out more about your kid’s strengths’ and vulnerabilities, their learning styles, areas of interest etc. You might also want to encourage them to take an IQ test from a reputed institute and a basic personality testEnneagram. These tests will help you find out more about your children and their intellectual abilities.

  • Choosing the right curriculum

Once the mental tone is set, it’s now time to start looking into good curriculums. It is important to find one that fits with your child’s learning style. Today, there are plenty of options available. If you’re on a budget and are searching for a cheap or free alternative, then check out the Easy Peasy curriculum. There are also a lot of other free Public Domain resources available which can be included in your child’s study routine. However it is important to be flexible when choosing learning material and if you feel that your child gets bored with the material, feel free to choose a more appropriate curriculum.

  • Be Careful about negative advice from friend and families

Even though homeschooling is not new and today many families are opting to homeschool their children, you might receive a lot of disapproval from close friends and relatives. Also, people will tend to compare your kids to those going to big named private schools and this might hurt your children emotionally. Be vigilant and do not allow yourself or your kids to fall into this trap. Remember that you have decided to self-educate your kids because you felt that doing so is in their best interest.

  • Join a homeschooling meet up group/community

The decision to homeschool can be quite challenging, and the best way to keep yourself motivated is to be associated with like-minded individuals who have also chosen a similar path. Socializing with other families on a weekly basis can be educational as you will be able to learn from the experience of the group. Also, it would be a good place to vent about the many trials and tribulations of homeschooling.

Some important points to make note of

  • Do not compare your kids with others.
  • Talk to your kids before making homeschool related decisions.
  • Remember to be flexible while choosing a curriculum. The idea is to help your children explore and learn.
  • Do not worry about other people’s reaction as it will do more harm than good. Do only what works best for your family.


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