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Healthy Natural Juices And Ice Popsicles To Beat The Summer Heat (1)

Healthy Natural Juices and Ice Popsicles to beat the Summer Heat

It is mid may and the heat is getting the better of us. Children want to drink lots of water and soft drinks to quench their thirst but it’s time we made some interesting juices, which can not only quench their thirst but also be healthy and tasty.

Many a time it is difficult to get children to eat healthy, but a fresh fruit smoothie or a glass of juice or fruit pop candies could as well serve the purpose. You can also make some chilled sorbets or desserts with healthy fruits and vegetables. While it is good to eat vegetables, you can also make juices of different vegetables.

One of the biggest advantages of juices is that if you are not a good vegetable or fruit eater, then fruit juices can help in providing the necessary nutrition for the body. Ensure that you eat 2 whole fruits daily and 2-3 different types of vegetables. You can also eat fruits and vegetables with different colours, to get a good balance of vitamins and minerals.

It is important to know that when we juice the whole fruits or vegetables, we leave the pulp behind which is the main source of fibre. Ensure that the pulp is put back into the juice. After blending do not strain the juice but drink the entire blended extract for better nutrition.

Remember that mix fruit juices are made of more than one fruit and so there are more calories in it, while vegetable juices are less in calories.

Some of the important benefits of juices are listed below –


  1. Juices keep you hydrated, healthy and are nutritious.
  2. You can quickly make juices by blending the required vegetables and other additional ingredients.
  3. Juices and smoothies are definitely a healthier option as compared to fizzy drinks.
  4. Children love to drink tasty juices and smoothies as compared to eating fruits and vegetables. It is quick and easy to drink juices. Especially in summer, people do not like to have heavy meals and would prefer to have a glass of juice as it is light and refreshing.
  5. Vegetable juices are a must in a detoxification diet.
  6. Juices improve the digestive health of the body.
  7.  They increase the energy levels in the body.
  8. Juices improve the immune system of the body, due to its high nutritional element.
  9.  They help in keeping the skin and hair healthy.
fresh orange juice, squeezed, refreshing

Let us look at some interesting juice recipes –

 Mix fruit juice.

Ingredients –

One cup of cut pineapple

 Add One cup of apples

One cup oranges

Blend all the ingredients. You can also add ice or a little cold water and bled it well. Add a dash of lemon juice or chat masala and black salt to give it a tangy taste.

Banana and papaya smoothie.

Take equal proportions of banana and papaya. Add low fat yogurt or hung yogurt and honey. You can also add a dash of mint leaves (optional). Blend it well and a healthy and nutritious smoothie is ready.

Fresh spinach and banana smoothie.

Take equal proportions of spinach and ripe banana. Add a little honey and ice cubes. Blend it well and your nutritious smoothie is ready. Though it may sound weird, just try it. It is not only healthy but also tasty.

Beetroot and carrot juice.

 Take equal quantities of chopped beetroot and carrot. Add chopped celery and blend it well. Your beetroot juice is ready.

Other fruit and vegetable juices.

  1.  Plain watermelon, pineapple, sweet lime, lemon, black grapes, kiwi, strawberries etc., can be had with a dash of salt and honey. These are simple and easy to make.
  2. Plain tomato, carrot, kale, bottle gourd.

Some of the best fruits and vegetables for juices are apples, oranges, grapes, grapefruits, carrot, beetroot, strawberries, cucumber, blueberries, broccoli, spinach and mint etc.

Today, children even enjoy fruit juice popsicles. All you need to do is to take any fruit juice and add a little lime juice and sugar and blend it well and then pour this mix into moulds and freeze it. You can add a little ginger juice for great taste and digestion.

Some easy popsicle ideas which you could try out at home –

 Strawberry buttermilk ice pops.

Take 1 cup of strawberries, 1/2 cup of buttermilk, 1/2 cup hung yogurt, 3-4tbsp of honey with a pinch of black salt. Blend well and put it in the ice pop moulds and insert an ice cream stick. Freeze for about 4-5 hours until completely frozen. Your ice pops are ready to be eaten.

Watermelon and Ginger ice pops.

Take 2 cups of seedless chopped watermelon, 2tbsp of lime juice, ½ inch of ginger, salt to taste and 2-4tbsp of honey. Blend well and then put the mix in the ice pop moulds to freeze for a couple of hours. Tasty and healthy popsicles are ready to eat.

Spinach and grapes ice pops.

This is one of the most healthy ice pops. Children who do not want to touch green leafy vegetables will happily eat these ice pops.

Take 2 cups of green grapes, 2 cups of blanched spinach, 2 ripe bananas, 2-4tbsp of honey, a pinch of black salt. Blend it well into a fine smoothie. In order to keep the fibre, do not strain the mixture. However you can also strain the mixture and then pour it into the moulds. Freeze it for a couple of hours and your healthy spinach ice pops are ready to be relished.

These are some of the interesting and healthy juices, smoothies and ice popsicles which can be made at home to beat the summer heat. Every one including your children will love these unique and different ways of eating fruits and vegetables. We would encourage you try these interesting recipe ideas.

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