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To be a full-time mom or have a full-time career – A difficult choice to make

Giving up your full-fledged career and getting into full-time motherhood is one of the most difficult decisions that most educated women take at one point in time.

Many educated women including myself have struggled with this sudden sense of being dependent and losing one’s earning capacity.

Most of the women today are well educated and doing far better in their careers than their male counterparts.

Almost everybody today lives in nuclear families and do not enjoy the liberty of a good support system from their extended family. In view of all these circumstances you take the tough decision of taking a break from your career or leaving your job and being a full-time mom.

Most of the time this decision is taken out of compulsion as you do not find a good day care for your children or you feel guilty of leaving your toddlers alone in their growing up years.

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But over a period of time, you quite enjoy the process of being a hand’s on mom and taking this journey of raising your children.

In the initial days of leaving my job, I used to miss my working environment and all the added perks like financial freedom etc., with my new full-time mom role.

But soon I got too engrossed in raising my young daughters. My priorities had changed and I am enjoying the whole process of this journey.

The results were obvious. My children excelled in academics with the extra attention, they were more than happy to see their mother dropping them at the school bus stop, helping them in their school projects, taking them to their music classes etc.

Though none of these compensated for my career break or professional satisfaction, it definitely taught me to value things without monetary aspects and to do things selflessly.

My patience increased, I had my own “me time”, had time to do take up forgotten hobbies and most importantly spend most of my valuable free time with my children.

Of course, the choice of staying at home largely depends upon the financial situation of your home as both the parents need to come to a consensus and take this difficult decision.

Whenever I have shared my journey with other women who had to make this difficult choice, there was a unanimous agreement that it was worth taking this difficult decision.

At the same time, I have also seen women juggling their homes and careers with great determination. I have been greatly inspired by my Mom who was a working mother (a teacher) who wonderfully gave her best in raising her children as well as having a great career.

So the question is not whether you are a working mother or a full-time homemaker, it is about adjusting your life with those around you in the best possible manner, to get the best out of life.

Remember life is a journey and not a destination. You need to continuously walk, make amends, change oaths, learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future. In the end, you would have less regrets and at the same time you would have enjoyed your journey as well. God Bless.

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