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Fluffy Poori Recipe

Fluffy Poori Recipe

So what’s a poori?

It’s a nice crispy Indian bread that can be eaten along with vegetable curry, sweet dishes etc. It is made out of wheat flour.

How to make soft and fluffy pooris

Prep Time: 30 mins
Servings 3 -4


• 4 cups atta (whole wheat flour)
• salt as per requirement
• Ghee or oil – 1 tablespoon
• water to kneed the flour
• oil for deep frying

How to prepare Soft fluffy pooris

1. Knead the atta or the wheat flour while adding appropriate amounts of ghee, salt and water to form a smooth and stiff dough. Set aside for 10 mins.You can use milk(instead of water )and little rava to knead the  dough in order to make the pooris fluffy and crispy.

2. Make small balls from the dough and with a chapatti roller roll them out into small flat circles
3. Take oil/ghee in a frying pan and heat it.  When the oil is hot enough add the small flatten circles
4. The poori will now tend to puff up, turn the poori over and allow it to cook till it reaches a nice golden brown colour.
5. Your poori is now ready to serve alongside vegetable curry or a sweet dish like aamras or shrikhand.

Hope you enjoyed this Soft and Fluffy Poori Recipe. For more recipes check out our Recipe section.

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