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Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Easy ways to lose weight

Weight loss can be achieved in a Smart way by taking into consideration different aspects of the body.

Here is a good way to start a weight loss regime:

1. Calculate your BMR:

Women BMR= 655 + (9.6 * your weight in kilos)+(1.8*your height in cms)-(4.7*your age in years)= Total Calories per day.

2. Reduce 100 calories from your BMR. For e.g. If your BMR is 1680 then choose a meal plan between 1400 to 1600 calories.

3. Choose a meal plan that you intend to incorporate.

For e.g. there are various meal plans for:

1200-1400 Calories
1400-1600 Calories
1600-1800 Calories
1800-2000 Calories

4. Eat small meals every two hours.

This is the key as it helps in burning calories. You need to eat a little at every interval of around two hours. You need not be very rigid about two hours, but eat at short time frequencies, ideally around 2 hours.

5. Categorize your meals and healthy snacks.

Eat about 4 small main meals every 2 hours and about 4 snack meals, in-between the main meals at 1 hour intervals.

6. Hydrate yourself sufficiently by drinking lots of water.

You need to drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

7. Exercise.

Exercise regularly like brisk walking, cardiovascular exercises, cycling and other exercise regimes done under the guidance of a good fitness instructor.

9. Fresh Vegetable juices.

It is important to include fresh vegetable juices in your diet. Fresh vegetable juices like beetroot, spinach, carrot, tomato etc mixed with celery and herbs are a great source of flushing out toxins from your body.

10. Eat within the first hour of your rising up.

11. Main meals and interim fillers.

Stick to your four main meals and four healthy snack meals. Anything other than these will be interim fillers mostly vegetables or fruits.

12. No sugar.

A strict no to sugar, honey, fried foods, junk foods, dry fruits, cheese, chocolates and desserts.

13. Less oil.

Make your meals as oil free as possible. Avoid butter, ghee and other oils.

14.Most of the time you can substitute one bowl of dal with 2 small pieces of chicken or 2 palm sized baked or roasted fish.

15. Avoid fruit juices.

Fruit juices and bananas should be avoided completely.

16. Avoid Potatoes .

Limit your consumption of potatoes and peas etc.

You have different meal plans based on your calorie requirements. Here is a meal plan for 1600- 1800 calories which you can slightly increase or decrease according to your requirement.

Meal Plan for 1600- 1800 Calories


A bowl of Upma or Poha or Cornflakes with skimmed milk or an Omelette made of 2 egg whites with 2 slices of brown bread.
A glass of vegetable juice
1 whole fruit

Lunch or dinner

3 small Chapattis and a half cup brown rice
1 Bowl of vegetable
A piece of grilled chicken or fish or a bowl of dal.

1 bowl of vegetable or sprouts salad

The above are some of the important ways in which you can diligently lose weight.

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