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Easy tips for preparing to travel with young children

Travelling is enjoyable but at the same time strenuous. Family vacations are always looked forward to and are a great source of joy and happiness. It is thus very important that you plan your travel properly, especially if you are travelling with young children.

Start making your travel preparations well before you leave. Make a list of what you are likely to need and then start collecting it at one place. Lastly pack the things that you need and knock off the things that you have already packed.

Here are some easy tips for preparing to travel with young children.

  1. Keep your passports, visas and other documents ready. Always keep a scanned copy of the passport and visa. You can also take a photo of your passport and visa. In case of loss of the passport, this can be of vital importance to get you interim relief at the embassy.
  2. Take Insurance for yourself and your luggage. Check whether the policy covers all types of illness, injury, theft and travel delays.
  3. Work out the money that you intend to spend on travel, meals, accommodation and shopping.
  4. Carry the local currency of the country you are visiting. You can get it from banks or RBI authorised forex dealers.
  5. Carry the money, traveller cheques and credit cards separately. Keep them separately so that in case of loss, everything will not be lost. Use the safe in the hotel for this purpose. Remember to note the numbers of your credits cards and traveller cheques separately, as you might need them in the future, in case of theft or loss.
  6. Always inform your neighbours to keep a watch while you are away.
  7. When you are travelling with children, make the journey as easy as possible. Take breaks for going to the toilet, stretching of legs and avoid extreme long road journeys. If you do have to take a long journey, break it by overnight resting in bed and breakfast hotels.
  8. Start early in the morning so that the traffic is less and the children will sleep for the major part of the journey.
  9. Take a bag of toys, books, crayons, clay moulding things etc., which will keep them occupied during the journey.
  10. Get your children involved in the journey by giving them the entire route map and keeping them updated of things.
  11. Never let children out of your sight. Explain to them that they must not wander away as they might land in trouble. Always keep them updated of what they should do in case they get lost, like go the nearest uniformed police or security.In case of a mall, you need to tell them to go to the checkout counter where payments are made or simply go to any mother or father who is seen with their children and ask for help. Always teach your children your phone numbers as early as possible.Dress young children in brighter clothes so that they can be easily spotted.
  12. Even if you have teenage children never leave them alone, especially in toilets and other areas even if they can manage alone. Just be there to ensure that they are comfortable.
  13. Carry their medicine box with medicines for cold, cough or fever, stomach ache etc., to give them first aid before a doctor can be found in the unknown place.
  14. Carry clothes as per the climate of the visiting place e.g., carry sweaters, gloves and jackets if you are visiting cold places or swimming gear for a beach holiday.
  15. Take fresh fruits and snacks for children. You can take fresh sandwiches, fruits like apples oranges and other fruits which can be easily eaten. Avoid chips, salty foods and aerated drinks for children. Take paper towels, wet wipes and plastic bags for cleaning and throwing away dirty things.
  16. You need to check and count your luggage just before leaving. You also need to check your documents like your tickets, passports, visas, money etc. Ensure that you have enough of food, water and medicines (in case of an emergency) at hand.

These are some of the easy important tips which will help you in preparing your travel with young children.

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