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Elearning 101 The Basics

E-Learning 101: The Basics

There are some fantastic online courses which are completely free or are available at a very low cost and these courses can even earn you certificates from some of the reputed international universities. These online courses will broaden your horizons by adding value to your skills sets, communication and enhancing your career prospects. All this can be easily done from the comfort of your home.

Some of these free online courses are:


Coursera is an online university which covers a wide area of free courses in arts, humanities, business, computer science,Maths,engineering and languages etc. They have paid as well as free courses. If you are unable to apply for a paid course, you can also seek financial assistance. They have tie ups with various reputed universities like the University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins university, Stanford university and many more.


This learning site has lots of free and high quality diploma and degree courses. There are more than 100 different categories of subjects like arts, business, finance, health and language etc. All these courses are easy to study and you can do it at your own pace. Once you find the course that you want to do, you can register for a free account and start the course. You can take as many assessment tests as possible. The scoring is minimum 80%to pass. Once you clear the test, you get your learner’s record.

SAYLOR Academy

This is a nonprofit on-line academy. There are various courses offered on different subjects like business administration, computer science, economics, history, maths etc. Study materials include texts, podcasts, video sessions etc. You can give the assessment exams and need to score a minimum of 70% and above.


This university is a collaboration effort between Harvard University and MIT, founded in 2012 and is one of the largest providers of free massive open on-line courses (MOOC). Many free online courses are provided by the universities of Berkeley,Boston,Georgia, Cornell, Columbia and many more. You can select from the various online courses provided and start your course. Do it at your own pace, with help from learning tools like videos, texts and forum discussion with other students. Finally you earn your” certificate of Achievement” after taking the assessment tests.


UDEMY is an online learning academy for free as well as for paid learning. They have more than 40,000 courses on different subjects like arts, crafts, marketing, web development, programming etc. Most of the time people join for free courses and then upgrade their skills by joining for paid courses at good discounts.

 GCF Learn Free

This site offers more than 100 free up-to date tutorials, video lessons etc. You can sign up and take basic courses like learning Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other day to day computer tools.

Crash Courses on You tube

Most of the time people don’t have the patience to do online courses. Youtube has come out with a very innovative idea by providing crash course videos of less than 15 minutes on various simple and complex topics. These videos are very popular and give you a very quick insight of resolving any problems that you may face in your area of expertise. You tube has also started crash course videos for children for about 5 minutes or less. These are mainly educational and are updated mainly on Tuesdays and Thursday’s.

Other sites (engvid.com /learnerstv.com)

There are many other sites which cater mainly to specific audiences, like the Engvid site. You will find around 1000 videos covering different topics like English, conversational skills, grammar, comprehension etc which will help you prepare for your TOEFL and IELTD exams.

These are some of the free online e- learning courses which can be utilised for enhancing your skill sets without hurting your pocket from the comfort of your home.

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