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How To Choose The Paint Colour Of Your Home

How to choose the paint colour of your home

Colours have certain properties that can evoke particular feelings in a room. You may choose a colour scheme to change the theme of your room or just to create a particular atmosphere in the room.

Certain important things to be kept in mind are:

1. If the room is to be used for a common purpose then cater for general taste rather than individual taste.
2. Select the colours according to the use of the room. Fore.g. use soothing colours for rest and relaxation and vibrant colours for fun and recreation.
3. For the children’s bedroom use colours that enliven the atmosphere, add interest in the room as well as be soothing for rest and recreation.

The different types of colours are broadly classified into:

1. Subtle
2. Bold
3. Mixing and Matching

1. Subtle

Subtlety is generally linked to conservatism. They are mostly pale hue colours that give a soothing and calming effect. The paler the colour, the more subtle the scheme and greater will be the effect.

2. Bold

Using bold and vibrant colours will give a dynamic feel to the room. A bright cheerful atmosphere can also be relaxing if matched with subtle lighting.

3. Mix and Match

Most people prefer to mix and match coloursto get a sense of uniqueness and also to take advantage of the best of both options. Some of things that are usually done to get this look are as follows:

a) Highlighting special features

Choose subtle colours for the wall, woodwork and floors which in turn allow you to use bold colours for soft furnishings.

b) Framing Walls

Use bold colours on wood work and more subtle variations on walls. You can enhance this effect with a bold ceiling colour.

Some of the other things to be kept in mind while painting the house are:

1. Warming and Cooling of the house

Colours have warming and cooling properties and so can be appropriately used in different areas of your home. Combining several warm and cool colours can producedifferent atmospheres and moods that suits ones needs.

Warm colours appear to bring the walls nearer and also appear to reduce the space in the room. So these colours are used for coziness and intimacy. Fore.g.hues of red and orange or dark colours etc.

Cooling colours tend to have a receding effect on the walls which gives a greater feeling of space in the room. These colours are mostly used to create open and airy spaces. Fore.g. light blue, white and light greens etc.

2. Light and Dark Colours

Use of light or dark colours correspondingly create a light or dark atmosphere in the room. However when you mix and match, each individual colour can have a dramatic effect on the overall scheme.

Light Colours create a feeling of space, so use them to make a small room look larger. You can also use it on the ceiling to give an impression of greater heights. Using light pastel shades is the safest. You can mix and match to get the shade of your preference. Use of pale colourscan produce a very light and airy feeling in the living room. It can be further enhanced by natural and artificial light. If you maintain the continuity of this creamy tone with the other decorations in the room, it will reflect a unified harmonious look.

Dark colours make high ceilings look lower and give a feeling of coziness to the room. They cover unevenness, blemishes on woodwork. It also maximize the quality of the finish. They conceal dirt and general wear and tear. You can combine some pale colours with darker shades to get a contrasting look in the room. There will be a cosy and comfortable feel in the room.

3. Blending and toning

Choose a main wall colour so that it blends in with the colour of another significant feature in the room. For e.g. light pastel beige colour will go well with dark brown furniture and other items and painting on the walls.

4. Extending Colour

Extending the same colours and designs from one surface to another is a further way of using colour to balance a decorative scheme.You can harmoniously link other things like decorations, flooring and furnishings.

Finally your home should reflect your personality and tastes. With all the above information, you can choose an appropriate colour combination that will enhance the look of your house.

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