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Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Best anti aging skin care tips

Aging is natural and so it should not be feared upon. As it is rightly said that all women want to age gracefully just like the fine wine.In this process, most women take some drastic steps like going on an extreme detox diet, buying small costly jars of anti aging creams, buying SPF infused makeup kits etc. In most cases all these efforts go in vain and have no material impact.


Let’s take a look at the different aspects of aging and how it can be slowed down:

  • Most of the time women feel that with a balanced diet and a good exercise regime they can take years off their face. But that’s not true. Anti aging creams are needed to protect your skin after a certain age. Anti-aging creams help to increase the skin turnover rate and also in boosting the production of new collagen that helps to keep the skin firm, replenish the lost moisture and also protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Be careful about your exercise regime. Most of the time women go overboard by having tough and strenuous exercise schedules. This may lead to the breakage of skin tissues and also sagging of the skin.
  • The impact of sun rays on your skin is one of the primary causes of skin damage and aging. It is important to use sun protection creams of SPF of at least 30.
  • Most women leave their makeup on when they go to sleep. They are too tired to remove it. Remember skipping this basic cleansing activity will result in premature aging of your skin and other skin problems.

Some other information to be kept in mind are listed below .

  • Most women feel that the more expensive the product the better it is for your skin. Anti-aging products are marketed by companies as a miracle product for women above the age of 30 years. The price of these products is also high. Sometimes an affordable cream will work much better on your skin than a high impact costly cream. It is always advisable to take an opinion of a dermatologist while choosing your skin care regimen.
  • Hands and necks are commonly neglected areas. These areas are the first ones to show aging after your face. It is important for you to regularly and generously apply moisturizer and sunscreen on your hands, neck and back. This will avoid dry spots, darkness and will retain the firmness of the skin.
  • Most women are impatient and will keep switching from product to product giving an impression that nothing seems to be working on their skin. Many woman believe that more the products they use the quicker the results. But remember everything takes time to work out. Many of these anti aging products take around 3 to 4 months to show some visible improvements.
  • It is important to note that anti aging creams are rich in active ingredients and hence should be applied first.
  • It is important to have a good sleep schedule, a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and also keeping your body hydrated with lots of water. All these things will definitely help in keeping your skin healthy.

Finally age is just a number. It is important to age gracefully.

I have seen lots of women who have all white hair and are in their seventies but still have such a glowing skin. And when you ask them their secret, they reveal that they have a very simple regime of natural components which includes a healthy diet, lots of water and natural homemade face packs. This is in stark contrast to today’s world wherein we see women using all the skin care products, but when you look at their hands and neck they have aged drastically beyond their age.This has happened due to over use of cosmetics and creams.

So friend’s, get some information on your mom’s daily routine and some cheap homemade face packs from your kitchen which will give you much better results, by not being hard on your pocket.

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