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A Bed Time Story

A Bed Time Story

A bed time story….

As a single mom, my only pleasure in life is doing things for my sons, Rex and Ryan. It could be cooking some delicacy or helping Ryan in his school activities or sitting cosily with Rex while listening to his favourite nursery rhymes and so on. But the one activity the boys look forward to the most is their bedtime story. Regardless of the day, place or how tired their mommy is, they want to hear one bed time story every night before going to sleep. While Rex is a special child, Ryan is entering the so called “tender age” group.

No more fairy tales, Aesop’s fables or Panchatantra.

It’s the time around the age group of 10-12 years, that our children are no longer toddlers but at the same time not yet reached the teenager category. Not only the children but we also as parents are equally confused as to how to react to their bizarre overwhelming queries and demands. Right from their childhood, I have developed a habit of telling them a story which had some inspiring message. Last night as I was thinking, I came across one small story which did touch my son’s heart and in a cuddly tone he uttered, “Mom, why don’t you tell this story to all those smart women in your circle”.

So here it is…..

Arthur Ashe, the famous Wimbledon Player was dying of a major illness which he contracted due to the blood transfusion he had received during a heart surgery. He received a number of letters from his fans all over the world but in most of the letters the message conveyed was, “Why you? Why did God have to pick you for such a bad illness?” To this Arthur Ashe replied:

When I was young, 50 million children started to play Tennis. Out of these children, only 5 million learnt to play Tennis, of which only 500,000 learnt proficient Tennis, of which only 50,000 continued to pursue the game, of which only 5000 attempted the Grand Slam, of which only 50 reached the Wimbledon Championship,of which 4 reached the Semi-final stage, of which only 2 reached the Finals and when I Won the Championship and held the cup with my hands, I never asked God “Why Me?”

Sometimes you are displeased with the happenings in your life but do remember there are many people in this world who can only dream of living the life you lead. While a child on a farm sees a plane flying in the air and dreams of flying, a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home.

If we think that wealth is the only source of happiness then all the rich people in the world should be dancing and rejoicing. But when we look around we see more poor children dancing and rejoicing. When your car or auto stops at the signal, somewhere from the corner 2 to 3 kids come running to you and ask you for money. Most of the time, either we ignore them or rudely scold them. But have you ever noticed the twinkling smile on their face?

If power ensures safety, then all VIP’s should walk unguarded.

If beauty and recognition bring ideal relationships, then all Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities should have the best marriages.

They say an optimist reports happily that the jar is half full whereas the pessimist complains bitterly that the jar is half empty.

Yes, there are times I just sit sheepishly in a corner surrounded by all negative feelings and thinking about my elder son who will soon turn 18. I keep staring at him as he is continues to be engaged in playing with a useless string in his hand. I keep worrying more and more about his autistic tendencies.

Last weekend was sort of a gloomy one as Rex had 3 to 4 continuous sleepless nights. This happens to most autistic children when there is a change in season. Rexin particular, cannot bear the sound of dripping raindrops falling on the parapet of the balcony. Today morning while my little one was getting ready for school, he coyly came to me and whispered in my ears, “Mom, be cheerful today. Don’t worry about Rex. Trust in God – His Grace is upon us to take care of Rex together”. So very well put by my 10 year old boy. I would end by saying that is “optimism personified”.

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