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As Your Child Grows

As your child grows

As you are busy with your toddlers’ tantrums and daily chores, you often wonder as to how and when they are going to grow up. But one must remember, as your child grows, parenting does not get easier, rather it becomes different. As a mother, you face challenges, deadlines right after a child’s birth and these continue until they finally settle down. The only thing that changes over a period of time is the nature of your responsibilities. Demands that a young child make are no longer there but in turn new challenges arise. When your child was small, you had to remember their feeding timings, diaper changing alarms etc., but as they grew up these problems disappeared and were substituted with other pertinent issues like school projects, friends they keep, studies etc., which needed you to be equally aware and alert about.

In today’s techno savvy world, there are ample ways to measure your child’s success. Some say if you raise a child who is approachable and loved by people all around, you have done a wonderful job. On the contrary, one mother found a very old newspaper cutting which she shared with other parents, where it was written –

You can use any measure when you are speaking of the success of your child.
You can measure it in fancy homes, lavish holidays or expensive cars.
But the measure of your real success is the one you cannot spend on. It is the way your child describes you when they are talking to a friend

 It is the responsibility of every family to see to it that their child gets every possible benefit from the educational facilities available. Regardless of our cast, creed, religion and family background, we must try and provide the best education opportunities to our children.

Almost all parents feel challenged when it comes to helping their children in school. Parents have to literally channelize their child’s energy by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses so they can succeed in school.

Here I would like to narrate my own method of raising a school going child, which has in turn helped me tremendously.

  1. Stay organized:Check your child’s school bag especially his school academic calendar daily. Don’t miss out a single remark made by a teacher. Also keep a track of their school belongings like books, stationery, project works etc. This daily routine shows your involvement in your child’s school activities and teaches your child valuable organizational skills and the art of being disciplined.
  1. Value of education:A parent’s encouragement and involvement in a child’s life is more important to a child’s eventual success than their family background. Imbibe in your child basic learning skills by reading together, watching educational programs and helping your child in their school activities.
  1. Positive approach towards school teachers:In general they say, children learn what we teach them. Here I would also like to add that children learn by observing their parents. Very often parents show disrespect to teachers and pass nasty remarks in front of their children. Most teachers are dedicated and hard-working, trying to do their best out of the limited resources available. Your child must learn to respect their teachers. If you are in disagreement with a teacher about any assignment or with her way of teaching, keep the difference of opinion between you and the teacher.
  1. Rewards are important:Everyone, be it an adult or a child, likes to be praised as well as to get a pat on the back. Whenever your child tries to achieve a goal, praise him for his enthusiasm. Never criticize your child if he is struggling while doing an assignment. Children who are praised only for their success are generally afraid to try out a new task.
  1. Encourage communication:Keep talking to your child on things they find interesting. Children who have learned to express themselves at home with parents and other family members, have an easier time getting along socially. The best way to help your child become a better communicator is to encourage an atmosphere at home where everyone’s feelings are accepted and respected.
  1. Good Manners starts from your footsteps:Children must not only be encouraged to express themselves but must also be taught to have good moral values and qualities such as basic cleanliness, hygiene, attending to small household chores, respect for elders, etc. Parents must teach these skills to their children right from a very young age.

While parenting is one of the most difficult challenges a woman faces, it is also the greatest joy of life. This is true in every manner, especially when a mother not only supports and guides her child but also learns valuable lessons during this lifelong process.

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    very interesting article. good point to keep in mind.very well said calista.

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