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Anger Management Tips For Young Moms

Anger Management Tips for Young Moms

It’s tough managing a job and a family and sometimes tempers run high. Children do not respond well to an angry parent. As a young mother it is good to keep a check and make a conscious effort to ward off your temper tantrums.

Below are some ideas that will show you how to do just that.

Do not take things personally

When growing children disobey most young mothers feel offended as they tend to correlate disobedience to being a personal insult. Keep in mind that most children just want to please their parents but do not know how to. It would be best to talk to your child in such instances. Discipline, understanding and training often provide better results than sudden anger outbursts.

Adjust your expectations

Most young mother’s have high expectations from their children, e.g. sometimes they expect a 5 year old to show the emotional maturity of an 8 year old. They need to remember that their children are growing and that their expectations should be adjusted along the way. While it is good to expect obedience and discipline from a growing child, expecting 100% obedience all the time is near impossible. Patience is important and at times they need to allow their children to forge their own way into the world rather than follow the laid out path blindly.

Some “Me Time”

Motherhood comes with a whole lot of responsibilities and sacrifice and this can take a toll on the young mother. Remember to recharge yourself on a daily basis. Keep aside some 30-45 minutes where you can do whatever you want; watch a TV show, read a book, write a letter, go shopping etc.

Responsible parenting

Young children are highly impressionable and their behaviour can be attributed to certain choices made by the parent e.g. if a parent restricts their children’s play time then their children could retaliate with anger. If the situation goes out of control, then sit and explain things to the child. Let them know your expectations. Remind them gently and explain to them again and again, when these expectations are not met. Initially it will be difficult to keep calm but it becomes easier with practice, and over time, brings out positive results.

Meditation and Prayer

It is important to have some way of letting out steam, be it taking up a sport, going for long walks, prayer and meditation. I have found that maintaining a prayer journal and reading the Word of God (in my case the Bible) helps me regain control of my life.

Remember that you cannot control the situations around you, but you can control your reactions to them.

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