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8 Healthy Teas Should Be Drinking

8 Healthy Teas that you should be drinking

Most of us love our morning cup of tea. It is an integral part of our daily life. Research has indicated that having different types of green teas and herbal teas is very beneficial. Tea is not only a refreshing drink but its health benefits are far outweigh its other benefits. 

The type of tea you drink makes the difference. All non-herbal teas are generally made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The colour of the tea depends on the amount of time the leaves are processed.  For example, green, black or oolong tea.

Below are 8 Healthy Teas that you should be drinking.

 Green tea

Green teas are the least processed and so they have the highest amount of polyphenols called as EGCC. It is the only tea that also contains catechin which is healthy for our body. The antioxidants in green tea help in reducing cancer.  Daily intake of green tea is supposed to help in healing dementia and Alzheimer disease. Most of the other herbal teas have medicinal value.

 Coffee leaf tea

Some research in Britain has indicated that the tea brewed from the leaves of coffee plants have high levels of a chemical called as mangiferin, which is very healthy. This chemical helps in controlling diabetes and cholesterol.

 Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has become quite popular. It is considered to be a good detoxifying drink for the body. It has many properties which help in having a smooth skin. There are many cleansing and moisturising properties found in this tea. It is also found helpful in treating colds, calming muscle spam, promoting good sleep and soothing stomach aches.

 Oolong tea

Actually it is called as wulong tea. This tea has caffeine content, which is in between green tea and black tea. This tea does undergo some level of the oxidation process. It has a fragrant smell which is very good. Most of the time, the smell closely resembles that of a fresh flower or a fruit. It is very helpful to control heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, cholesterol levels and also dental issues.

 Black tea

Black tea undergoes a full oxidation process. This is the main reason why the colour of the leaves, are dark brown or black. The flavour of black tea is also robust and strong.

 Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is believed to aid digestion and combat stress. The menthol present in the tea acts as a muscle relaxant. This reduces stress and anxiety and thus relaxes the body.

Pu’er tea

This is an aged tea from china and is said to have a lot of medicinal properties.  It is very strong and has a deep rich flavour. It is said to help in weight loss, stomach ailments, heart diseases and cancer.

 White Tea

White tea is the most delicate in taste amongst all the teas. It is known for its subtlety, natural sweetness and complexity. White tea is usually hand processed and does not go through any oxidation process.

The above are some of the different types of healthy teas. Now let us also look at the general health benefits of consuming tea.

– Tea is high in antioxidants.
– It helps in boosting the immune system.  
– Further tea helps in reducing heart attacks, cholesterol and osteoporosis.
– Tea  also helps in battling cancer.
– It helps in boosting bone health.
– Weight loss is also acheived by drinking tea.
– It  helps in preventing cavities and does not erode the tooth enamel, like other aerated drinks.
–  tea is a calorie free drink and also a great comfort drink.

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