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8 Amazing health benefits of Mangoes

Summer is here and so is the King of fruits – Mango. Mangoes bring back some wonderful childhood memories. We had a number mango trees in our backyard and the summer vacation was all about plucking mangoes and savouring them, almost any time of the day.

We ate lots of mangoes during our summer vacation because we loved its amazing taste and also the fact that they were available only in the summer season. After plucking the mangoes, they were laid under dry hay in a separate room to ripen. But as usual, we never had the patience to wait for them to become ripe. Also we made the most of it by eating different varieties of mangoes in different recipes, made by our moms and grand moms. These childhood memories are very precious and will always be cherished.

Let us understand in more detail about the mango. It is very popular because of its sweet taste, texture and flavour and this makes it very expensive. Alphonso mangoes are mainly cultivated in the regions of Ratnagiri, Raigad and other parts of the Konkan region. The climate in these regions is best suited for the cultivation of many varieties of mangoes. Mangoes come in different colours like green, yellow, orange, reddish etc., and have different tastes and textures.

Some of the facts about the mango that you need to know are listed below:


  • The mango is found mostly in Asia. It is the national fruit of three Asian countries – India, Pakistan and Philippines.
  • The mango is universally known as the king of fruits.
  • India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world. But almost everything is consumed within the country, leaving very little for exports.
  • There are more than 400 varieties of mangoes all over the world.
  • If you want to ripen mangoes then place them in a brown bag and keep some space open for the air to escape, else put them in a bowl of uncooked rice. Mangoes release ethylene gas which help to quicken the ripening process. Ensure that there is some way for the gas to escape.

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Many scientific research and studies have detailed the amazing health benefits of eating mangoes –

 Mangoes help in enhancing and rejuvenating the skin.

As we all know, the skin is the largest organ in our body. The mango is rich in beta-carotene, carotenoids and vitamin A, which enrich skin health. The vitamins and minerals present in mangoes help in reducing the oil production in the skin and repairing the damaged skin cells. The beta-carotene helps in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. You can use mango pulp in many beauty treatments as well.

Mangoes help in lowering the cholesterol, thereby increasing the heart health.

Some research studies have indicated that mangoes help in reducing the blood sugar and the body fat. They have pectin which helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. Further it helps in increasing the good cholesterol level. Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene which helps in fighting free radicals, thereby preventing heart diseases.

Mangoes improve digestion.

Mangoes improve digestion due to presence of fiber in them. Fiber helps in making our stools bulky, thereby avoiding constipation. Mangoes also contain certain digestive enzymes which help in breaking down proteins and this helps in better digestion.

Mangoes improve eye health.

Mangoes contain vitamin A and beta-carotene which help in boosting eye health.  Zeaxanthin present in mangoes help in improving eye health and preventing degeneration. Eating mangoes will definitely help in boosting eye health. It reduces night blindness and dry eyes.

Mangoes boost the immune system.

Mangoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotenoids etc., which helps in keeping the immune system strong and healthy.

Mangoes help in preventing cancer.

Mangoes are a rich source of carotenoids, polyphenols, quercetin and other antioxidant properties, which help in preventing cancer.  Further mangiferin found in mangoes have high anti-cancer properties. All these antioxidants are also anti-inflammatory, which helps in keep the body healthy.

The malic acid and tartaric acid found in mangoes helps in maintaining the alkaline reserve of the body.

Mango leaves help in regularising the insulin levels for diabetes.

Research has indicated that boiling mango leaves, soaking them throughout the night and then drinking the concoction in the morning, helps in normalising the insulin levels. Further the mango fruit has a low glycemic index and thus can be eaten in low and moderate quantities by diabetes patients, as it will not spike their sugar levels.

Mangoes help in boosting the brain health.

Mangoes are rich in iron and vitamin B6, which help in cognitive development and also boosting the brain functioning. Research has indicated that it also enhances memory functioning.

Let us look at the nutrition facts of Mango. (All the values are approximate percentages)

One cup of Mango (appx 225 gms) consists of –


  • 103-105 calories
  • 75 – 76 % of Vitamin C.
  • 20 – 25% of Vitamin A.
  • 10% approx. of other Vitamins.
  • 7 – 9% of Fiber.
  • 4% of Magnesium.
  • 6% Potassium.

There are many recipes in which you can easily add mangoes to. Some of these easy recipes are –


  1. Mango cheesecake. Please read the recipe Delicious Mango Cheese cake
  2. Mango milkshake.
  3. Mango shirkhand.
  4. Mango yogurt.
  5. Mango lassi.
  6. Green mango sorbet- Aam Panna.
  7. Aamras puri (mango pulp with deep fried Indian wheat bread).
  8. Mango sheera or pudding.

All these are popular recipes and all you need to do is to add fresh mango pulp or juice to these recipes, to get a seasonal mango flavoured dish.

So it’s time to relish the king of fruits – mango in different ways. You can enjoy it plain, just the way it is or by adding it to different recipes as highlighted above. Mangoes are easily available in the market and it’s time to enjoy this seasonal fruit as it will give you amazing health benefits in addition to its delicious taste.

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