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10 Smart Tips To Reduce Your Electricity Bills.

10 Smart tips to reduce your electricity bills

The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get Smart with how you use electricity. Most people are not aware of the areas wherein electricity is grossly wasted. If a conscious effort is made to take steps to save electricity, we will definitely see a drastic reduction in our electricity bills.

1. Turn off unnecessary lights.

Most of the time there are unnecessary lights and fans working in your house. Right from the beginning initiate the good habit in your children to switch of the lights or fans as they leave the room.

2.Unplug unused electronic devices.

Standby power is also adding in your electricity bills. Switch off or unplug unused electronic devices.

3. Use Natural light to the maximum.

Enhance the usage of those areas in your house which have maximum natural light.Structure or design your interiors in such a way that study tables, dining tables, living areas are facing more towards natural light.

4. LED lights should be a preference.

Install LED lights whenever you blow an existing bulb or CFL. If possible, run them on dedicated solar PV – battery system. Increase the usage of solar in your house.

5. Short showers.

Hot water is one of the main causes of your high electricity bill. Install solar panels for your hot water requirement. If they don’t fit in your budget then it’s time that you start cutting down on your long showers.

6. Get rid of the desktop and start using a laptop or a Tablet PC.

It’s time that you thought seriously of stopping the use of your desktop and buying a new laptop. This decision will save your energy usage.

7. Be strategic with your curtains or window coverings.

The idea should be to promote airflow and good light and block your afternoon sun. Be strategic in buying good curtains or window blinders.

8. Washing machine.

Have a no wash day in a week. If you do not have a full load for the washing machine then it is advisable to wash every alternate day. This will have a good impact in reducing your bills.

9. Remove food from the refrigerator 10 minutes before reheating it in a microwave for consumption.

10. Pump Consumption.

If you have to pump water into the overhead tank for domestic use, make sure the pump is well maintained and oiled. A ‘sticky’ bearing can increase the pump consumption exponentially. Make sure none of your taps have a leak.

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